Car maintenance cycle normative standard Is how much?

mineral oil every six months or replaced every 5000 km, 8000 km of semi-synthetic motor oil, synthetic oil 10000-15000 kilometers a year or replacement.

know understand the Car maintenance!

However, Po t think it Is not rigid, rigid dogma, be sure to also refer to other factors that affect the maintenance cycle.

oil change service intervals, the key Is to use the oil qualities and grades, good quality and high levels of synthetic oil, extended drain time and the number of kilometers Is reasonable, especially in air quality, good road conditions, good driving habits, vehicle praIse comprehensive vehicle, longer periods can be replaced.

select the poor quality of oil, not only well protected routine engine, high-temperature high-shear value Is very low, oxidation decreases rapidly. DIsplay bench, mineral oil begins to roll 1,500 km, 3,000 km completely lost wear protection performance, high-temperature detergency and dIspersancy, antioxidant properties, anti-sludge properties and base number retention properties.

choice than to!

Therefore, the choice of high-quality full synthetic oil Is essential.

In addition to the oil change intervals following the above principles convention, but also may be through routine inspections.

Referring generally by the following methods to identify oil condition:

1, odor. Wen dipstick out, whether there Is a strong odor;

2, feel. If old oil impurity, poor tack, roughness;

3 was observed. Drops on a white paper towel, dark brown dark, with impurities;

If the above occurs, representative of heavy internal engine deposits, oil begins to decay protection, consider replacing.

oil quality Is essential!

In summary, a mineral oil or a half of 3000-5000 kmWithin the oil must be replaced, if you do not schedule the replacement parts Will accelerate wear, Carbon deposits Will be a substantial increase; the use of high-quality synthetic oil 10,000 km or more a year and replace!

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