Car maintenance cycle in the end Is how many kilometers do not make suckers

Wang bought a new Car recently. The so-called “new”, but was changed a few places on the outward appearance, and added a bit of comfort features, such as electronic parking brake, engine, gearbox and chassIs have not changed. What Is surprIsing Is that the original maintenance cycle never every 5,000 km (or 3 months, whichever occurs first limit) became every 10,000 km (or six months). I then rushed to the 4S shop, ask questions face to face. Sales staff first hesitated, and finally admitted that press 10,000 km. After-sales staff Is very readily give recognition.

the mystery Is over! Before Some have questioned Why the same a Car in a foreign country Is more than 10,000 km maintenance time (mainly replacement oil), to the United States to become a 5,000 km Car factory and 4S shop explained that the US poor road conditions, oil dirty quickly. Now Automobile plant in order to improve the market competitiveness of their own Car, totally an excuse to forget about thIs.

The truth Is, America’s roads no difference to the maintenance cycle should be reduced to 5,000 kilometers degree. Automobile plant and 4S shop to do so, on the one hand Is to increase the safety factor, reducing the probability of failure of the Car; on the other hand, which also hides a lot of interest factors. To drive a Car 20 miles (ginseng with, pictures, inquiry) or 10 years of life calculated two kinds of different maintenance cycle cost of the million or worse. Ownership in the United States with 90 million Cars calculation, the difference between the total number actually reached a staggering 9,000 billion!

As a result, American consumers once again done being taken advantage of.