Car maintenance cycle how long it appropriate? Check it out

Cars Is a consumable, in daily use, the components Will have considerable wear, some parts like those consumable life Is relatively short. So regular maintenance done to the Car Is very necessary. So you can better protect the Car, greatly reduce the failure rate of the Car, our travel security Is also of great benefit. Sometimes we may encounter a situation, each maintenance period yet to come, 4S shop Will call to tell us that the maintenance of the Car, said to be ahead of the maintenance of the Car Is good. So thIs really the case? Today we come and have a chat.

on the first vehicle maintenance, a few kilometers of each vehicle requirements are different , some ten thousand kilometers, and some require five thousand kilometers. The first maintenance Is not delayed, because between the various components of the new Car Is not yet fit, the interaction may cause some to fall off metal particles comrades during the run-in between the various components, these particles can contaminate the oil, exacerbated Auto parts wear. Of course, if you go too early the first insurance, then, the Car has not completely run-in, after maintenance may also have a lot of metal particle shedding. So much in advance it Is unreasonable. As long as the herd by the number of kilometers required it.

refers to small Car maintenance vehicle oil changes every five thousand kilometers and travel construction filter machine. Change the oil can be said that most of the maintenance items, general maintenance Is also to look at the number of kilometers of oil. Fully synthetic motor oil using relatively longer period, usually about ten thousand kilometers maintenance time. ThIs oil Is generally used in high-grade Cars. The semi-synthetic and mineral oils are generally five thousand kilometers maintenance time. Our Car home with a semi-synthetic oil Is generally sufficient.

Large Car maintenance Is a vehicle every six months to a year to replace oil and three filter construction. Three filter Is an air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. Three filter cleaning and maintenance in a timely fashion, can give full play to the engine performance and reduce engine failure rate, help extend engineLife. Oil filter every time you change the oil traded on the line together. Air filter replacement period Is one year or one million kilometers, to which whichever occurs first. As for the air conditioning filter replacement cycle Is a year or twenty thousand kilometers, but still recommended for once a season, because the filter Will filter impurities seasonal changes, not to replace it Is easy to produce odor. Besides air conditioning filter Is cheaper, for one can accept.

In addition, like the spark plug, transmIssion oil or the like, the maintenance period comparator long, long maintenance period in accordance with the requirements of the maintenance manual on the line. As for maintenance in advance Is not necessary, a complete waste of money. Unless your Car’s environment Is really very bad, of course, thIs situation Is very few.