Car maintenance coup, seven kinds of tips, older drivers are using?

now follow the progress of social development in the domestic Car population has reached 70 percent, but Car population has some novice drivers there are some errors on Car maintenance? Therefore, Xiao Bian today to share seven kinds of Car Care for everyone, we hope the following seven tips to help novices need drivers.


Car Care washing

here Is not recommended Car wash in hot moment, a lot of novice drivers Will find a large sun today after washing the Car Will dry quickly, in fact, thIs Is wrong, the body Will be made of spray hot sun face high temperatures, but so much easier resulting in uneven color, after washing attention not to self-dry. Xiao Bian recommend washing Is the best time in the morning or a sunny day.

Car maintenance

2. Vehicle maintenance period

here Is recommended as Automobile plant regulations maintenance intervals, like a new Car in a foreign country are basically in 10000-20000 kilometers before maintenance time, because foreign good road conditions, vehicle engine operation time Is shorter than for domestic traffic jam Is already routine, frequent engine starting Will increase running time, because of stop and go can be easily manufactured mud oil, causing oil becomes dark.

tire maintenance

3 Car tire maintenance

Car tire maintenance Is the need to focus on the , tire inspection Is people or Cars are very important, so the Car process, the state must pay attention to Car tires, for example: there Is no drum kits, pressure Is too low, pinned, cracks are in time, at the same time add large Car Car safety awareness.

Automotive paint

4. Automobile paint maintenance

such as Automotive paint on a person’s face, I believe there are many new Cars Will have their own Car drivers treat hIs wife as well. Car routine maintenance details, do not do too much Car waxingOr polIshing, avoid prolonged under the sun, to minimize the number of vehicle washing, clean the bird droppings or dead insects when the vehicle Is parked. Here the new Car would recommend coating maintenance.

vehicle chassIs

5. The vehicle chassIs maintenance

As the saying goes that good Car bad first the bad low, Car body and chassIs ground Is closest to the site, traffic Is most likely to cause damage to the ground, where the chassIs Is always easy to be ignored, so the Car to check on the chassIs to always keep the chassIs clean and in good condition.

Automotive Spark

6. Automotive spark check

Here recommended Automotive spark maintenance cycle as once every 20,000 to 30,000 km replace, avoid driving leads to abnormal start, it Is recommended Car fire vehicles more normal functioning.

Automotive coolant

7. Car Care cooled liquid

many Car drivers Will often ignore dIsplacement of coolant, the coolant of hIs function has 2, antifreeze Is first, second Is cooling, in thIs small series recommended vehicle The driver replacement cycle Is 40,000 kilometers once. These are the small series personal understanding, hope to be able to help you?