Car maintenance car from the beginning, these maintenance items Did you know?

Car “health” Is not only related to the life of the vehicle, but also to the safety of drivers actively inspection and maintenance, to identify problems and troubleshooting Is particularly important. Vehicle maintenance Is Carried out to check the vehicle related parts in a period of time, clean, lubricate, adjust or replace the preventive work, also known as vehicle maintenance. Modern Car repair service range includes engine system (engine), transmIssion systems, air conditioning systems, cooling systems, fuel systems, power steering systems and the like. The purpose vehicle maintenance Is to keep the Car clean, normal technical condition, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent malfunction, slow down the process and prolong life.

1. Oil

how long oil change once? How much oil every time you need to change? About oil change and change oil, particular concern. The most immediate thing Is to check your own maintenance manuals, have a clear description above. However, many people had not seen maintenance manual, so you need to know more about them. In general, oil change intervals of 5,000 km, and the particular oil change drain intervals dose should be determined based on information models. Not all models are suitable for the owners themselves change the oil, but we can learn to check the dipstick to determine whether it Is time to replace the oil. In addition, while oil change, oil filter must be replaced.

2. Tire

Car tires made of rubber, rubber often thermal expansion, cold contraction, most there may be deformed or even damaged. After the summer heat, Automobile tires also experienced a huge challenge. During the fall Car maintenance, it Is necessary to check whether the Car tires have scoliosIs, excessive cracking and other defects. Therefore, the fall Car tire maintenance and replacement Is the top priority. A good tire can not be a lifetime, tire replacement cycle Is generally 50,000 to 80,000 kilometers. When the tire side cracks, attention must be replaced. Further, when the tread reaches a depth of less than 1.6 mm or wear indicator should be Carefully examined and replaced.

3. The air filter

air filter Is a filterDevice, also known as air filters, air filters and the like. Mainly for locomotive engineering, Automotive, agricultural motorcycles, laboratories, sterile operating room and operating room of a variety of sophIsticated air filtration during engine operation, a large amount of air Is drawn. If the air Is not filtered, suspended in the air Will be drawn into the cylinder of the dust, which would accelerate the wear of the pIston and the cylinder group. Larger particles into the cause serious “scuffing”, Is particularly serious in the dry and sandy working environment between the pIston and cylinder. An air filter mounted in front of the Carburetor or intake pipe, for filtering the air of dust and sand, and to ensure sufficient cleaning air into the cylinder.