Car maintenance can save 200 yuan each, the owners are doing!

Car really Is a nuIsance, not only to pay big bucks to buy a Car, but also on time Tao Yinzi Car maintenance and Car maintenance but must spend a year maintenance projects, many owners are wondering, what do to minimize vehicle maintenance price? “Engineers talk Cars” to help you Carry out detailed summary!

now Car maintenance, maintenance Is divided into large and small maintenance, but the owners must do annual maintenance project Is a small maintenance, maintenance for small Cars , including oil changes, filter, check or replace the air filter, air filter, checking brakes, tires, headlamps, antifreeze and the like. Where to spend money project Is mainly oil, filters, air filters, air filter, check the other items are free of charge, during maintenance, Will be involved in labor services.

owners to buy their own oil, filter machines, etc., Will help save costs

As we all know, 4S shop maintenance relatively expensive, including engine oil filter, air filter, etc., in order to reduce these costs, many owners buy their own parts and components, in line to buy the oil, filters, air filters, air filter, and then to replace 4S , so that the cost of Car maintenance materials Will reduce the number; to further reduce vehicle maintenance work costs, many owners Will choose to make a small repair shop maintenance, 4S shop, after all, most of the time charge for a hundred dollars, these costs entirely you can save by going small repair shop maintenance.

store to buy oil, offers free small maintenance services

As the small Car maintenance, the project Is very simple, technician technological level requirements are very low, therefore, many owners Will go to the store to buy the oil, in thIs case, the store can provide free replacement of oil service, oil change if in someone to help, air filter, air filter, Will naturally help replacement, after all, you can get replacement parts within one minute, and maintenance technicians Will also help owners to check whether other vehicles have problems, vehicle maintenance work costs directly omitted. Of course, little maintenance to do so on the premIse that the owner should be well aware of their vehicle, ask yourself aware of vehicleProblem lies, and vehicle maintenance related knowledge in detail, so that we can ensure that their vehicles without any problems.

owners choose synthetic motor oil, one year or 10,000 km maintenance time

In order to better the state of the vehicle some, many owners when their vehicle maintenance, Is six months or 5000 km maintenance once, so maintenance Is naturally no problem, but somewhat wasted. Vehicle maintenance interval period, completely vary depending on the nature of the engine oil, the engine oil has now commonly used in fully synthetic and semi-synthetic oil.

Although 4S shop claim 5000 km or replaced every six months, but according to different type of oil, the oil of the oil change interval manufacturers required standards are not the same, the total synthesIs of oil Is one year or 10,000 km maintenance, and semi-synthetic oil Is 7500 or 7 to 9 months for maintenance, so now most of the old drivers are smarter, vehicle maintenance process, use synthetic oil , maintenance once a year, not only convenient, but also save money, after all, two bottles of semi-synthetic oil prices higher than a bottle of synthetic oil, and more than one time charge, 4S shop 5000 km or six months of routine maintenance time Is not a bit great spirit.

maintenance of fuel-efficient small Cars such techniques, however, next to you on the “big Car maintenance, how to save costs associated with” How interested are welcome concern “engineer talking Car”!