Car maintenance best 5,000 km? Cheated for so many years do not know!

A lot of people have a choice phobia, when buying a Car, a dilemma, and finally the owners finally faced up to buy their favorite models, but the next vehicle maintenance, so that owners go further in crash the edge of. What maintenance Is the Car? How long Will we have to Carry out maintenance once? What kind of oil should be chosen during maintenance? “Car Overview” to help you eliminating A puzzled!

Car maintenance

Car Care maintenance Is divided into large and small maintenance, small maintenance Is a vehicle engine oil, machine filter replacement, Car inspection other wearing parts, such as lights, vehicle tires, brakes and the like; and major maintenance refers to a liquid engine coolant, transmIssion oil, brake fluid and the like to replace, replacement of brake pads, tire changing, tire wheel alignment and balancing checking and so on!

which Is the highest number of engine maintenance and engine oil filter replacement, maintenance must change almost every time the engine oil and filters, as the owner Is concerned, we How often should be replaced once engine oil filter machine?

Replacing the oil filter criteria

A lot of people say, the vehicle need to 5000 km apart each engine oil change . Where thIs statement has come from it? After many inquiries, the original phrase from the 4S shop, 4S shop after each time to complete maintenance, 4S shop maintenance personnel Will inevitably burst of greeting, to the vehicle maintenance every 5000 km or six months time, otherwIse the vehicle engine easy to wear, resulting in fuel consumption increase, decrease power, poor engine performance! But in fact thIs really the case? Why Is Toyota’s engine requires maintenance every 10,000 km again?

In fact, the truth Is, the owner should determine the quality of their maintenance date based on engine oil, oil Is now used are fully synthetic motor oil or semi-synthetic oil. For the full synthetic motor oil every 10,000 km or maintenance once a year, and semi-synthetic oil requirements 7500 km or 7-9 months of maintenance time, to see thIs data, the owner has no feeling in the tank?

ofMaintenance time and there Will be several kilometers where the engine limit it?

oil service a few kilometers limit engine due to the long-term operating in extreme environments, each of the internal engine components in contact with each other, leading to friction and wear, and engine oil lubricant Is to ensure that the various components of the work, if the engine oil deterioration, the engine Is not far away from the scrap.

during engine operation, each of the friction components wear, would certainly produce abrasive grains, can contaminate the engine oil, the engine oil if the content of fine particles, adhering sure parts in the surface, wear on the parts. So if the mileage of the engine too, need to replace the engine oil!

The oil quality requirements, in general, fully synthetic oil 100 million kilometers requires replacement, and semi-synthetic oil 7500 kilometers requires replacement!

oil service time limit oil all have shelf life, oil lubrication features are maintained by the internal lubricating oil additives, oil additives while long-term exposed in the air, it Is easy to cause oxidative deterioration, so now oil has a time limit requirements!

The oil quality requirements, in general, fully synthetic oil requires 12 months replacement, and semi-synthetic oil requires 7-9 months replace!

4S shop Why 5000 km or six months for maintenance once it?

vehicle maintenance requirements of 5000 km or six months time, thIs provIsion comes from the 4S shop, since vehicles are friends to the 4S shop maintenance, 4S shop to overall responsibility for the vehicle, the engine maintenance mileage 5000 km, Is definitely the safest vehicle engine limit requirements, in fact, our oil can travel 7,500 km without having to change, but a lot of CarsMain stand up to intimidation 4S shop, under normal circumstances, if the owner does not Carry out maintenance in accordance with the 5000 km, 4S shop owners Will tell: “If you do not follow the rules of maintenance, vehicle engine problem, Is not responsible,” HIs words, the owner flew seconds counseling.

4S shop requires maintenance item 5,000 km, usually engine oil change or engine filters, check vehicle tire, vehicle headlights check, check the vehicle brakes the system, which Is a small maintenance, the owner of the basic costs about 500 yuan, and thIs required just to increase the number of Car owners maintain, increase the 4S shop operating income, which Is the most important, protect the engine As for safety, all Minor! Now the engines are very anti-made, with US Car owners driving a vehicle abnormal gentle, are not Bigfoot throttle, and the engine oil quality Is still good, almost does not occur due to the engine lubrication and cause damage!

In summary, if the owner Is using fully synthetic oil service, the vehicle can be serviced once a year or 10,000 km, if a semi-synthetic oil maintenance, can choose 7500 km or 7 to 9 months for maintenance!

Car maintenance of these pits, you need to know!

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