Car maintenance also need to spend money? Learn to repair master thIs recipe, do not spend every day a new car

maintenance of all Cars are not open around the topic, whether you are a million Land Rover, or ten million of Santana, had to change a variety of wearing parts and oil, but at thIs stage, those with price to measure the durability of the replacement cycle and way outdated, many people think that Car maintenance Is just a simple oil change, it Is not true, some people do not understand the blind go 4S shop maintenance, repair does not does not matter, a repair a sCare jump, maintenance personnel told you thIs Car Is not a good upper and lower body parts!

A lot of people think that Car maintenance Is to play to the Car’s appearance a wax, at best reluctantly to the Car to change the oil, so on the line, be a thorough maintenance of in fact it Is completely untrue, Car maintenance and there’s doorway can be much more.

and the oil filter Is to replace the three most common maintenance items, which means that three filter which fuel filter, oil filter and air filter, their role Is to filter gasoline, oil and air impurities prevent impurities from entering the interior of the engine, causing the engine to work abnormal wear or abnormal phenomenon.

three filter replacement ultimate goal Is to better protect the engine, as far as possible to extend the life of the engine, which Is the most routine maintenance item.

The main role of the timing belt Is used to drive the valve mechanIsm of the engine, the intake and exhaust valves of the engine on or off at the appropriate time, to ensure that the cylinders of the engine can be normally suction and exhaust.

For all of the engine, the timing belt Is absolutely not happen skip tooth or broken, if once the tooth jumping occurs, the engine does not work , there Will be idle instability, poor acceleration or vain Cars and so on; if the timing belt breaks, it Will immediately turn off the engine, multi-valve engine Will also lead to the top of the pIston valve bender, serious damage to the engine.

to turn on the switch to launch the vehicle in front, not directly launch. Usually there Will be a self-checking while the vehicle Is opened switches, it Will see the light with all the instructions and the like, and the like one by one off the self-test PPD, and the like can be sent after the end of the processMoved. Generally wait 3 seconds.

Note that allows the vehicle speed Almost a half minutes, so that the preheat time period Car cold start. (At the time of start-up, the internal temperature of the engine does not reach normal operating temperature – 90 degrees to the water table refers to the normal vehicles have jitter, large engine sound, the tachometer Is slightly higher – normal means 600 to 900 rpm the situation likely to occur if you start the engine of Carbon deposition in thIs case because the combustion engine at low temperatures Is not sufficient).

can not be started when the emergency fuel door, Will shift up to a certain speed. (High and low speed Is determined by your Car, each Car Is not the same. Do not add throttle too fast at the start, slowly up on it. In 2000-2500 the shift Is more reasonable.

especially since the row of Cars, due to the slow start, a lot of people anxious fuel door thIs Will only increase the Car’s fuel consumption at the start, because from the row of Cars to shift under normal operating speed, the correct speed to achieve fast 2000-2500 heels slightly loose throttle, the rotational speed of the fall in fuel and the like, so that the vehicle can be reasonably into the next gear.

reflects the interior reflects the owners taste, let the Car stay dry indoor health, especially for Car seat, vent these health corners more to do clean-up work to make the Car work room of bacteria.

first of all, can be used for Automotive air conditioning system sterilization deodorant, you can clear the air conditioning system evaporator dirt, air conditioning out of the wind to solve the odor problem, guard your health remind owners, in their own Car interior cleaning, use a neutral washing liquid Is clear Do not use substances containing a strong acid cleaning, in addition, when cleaning should be taken to avoid audio, radio, CD and other electrical equipment from corrosion and water.

Car paint maintenance of common sense Is actually very complicated. Although the paint looks smooth, but there Is a small concave surface and holes, the new Car Is recommended to do a closure glaze or coating process. under normal circumstances, sealing glaze coating ratio longer duration, sealing the glaze effect in about three months to six months, in six months to filmIt recommends to need a certain time after closure of the glaze or a second coating.

regular program

Car wash shop Is polIshing and waxing. But both want to do in the coating or sealing glaze premIse, as always waxing or polIshing, tantamount to consume the thickness of the paint, the paint gradually thinning, dull, small scratches.

Finally, Xiao Bian remind older drivers, vehicle maintenance usually do when, not only to pay attention to the case of loss of engine oil and filter, but also to pay attention to some other loss of wearing parts, so as to make your Car to maintain a good working condition, to ensure traffic safety.