Car maintenance also depends on the age, these important period must be clear!

Although the Car Is steel build, not flesh and blood

and the life and condition of the Car also has a “life cycle”

in general, the lifetime of the vehicles are divided into:

run-in period, the peak period, mature, the decline of

dangerous period of five stages

at different times of the Car “physical condition” Is very different

in the five stages, the maintenance of vehicles, maintenance focused to vary. If you want the Car to be able to maintain a good Car state, we need to know the repair and maintenance considerations at different periods.

▎ run-in period: vehicle age 1 year

run-in period Is arguably the best time to condition, the equivalent of adolescence. If the vehicle has any quality problems, basically it can be found within a year.

usually only routine maintenance Is substantially not a problem. do routine maintenance in a timely manner to eliminate small problems at the same time pay attention to safe driving can be.

▎ golden period: vehicle age 1 to 3 years

because a lot of mainstream models have achieved three years 10 million km warranty, and special components of most vehicles Is 3-year warranty. After 3 years of hidden maintenance costs Will begin to rIse.

Although some of the wearing easy consumption Will need to be replaced every predetermined period, but does not affect the overall performance and the operating state of the vehicle.

for a three-year warranty to cross the Car, to do maintenance Is the following:

1, the first regular size maintenance item, such as the oil filter change, etc.

2,The entire vehicle check: focus on examination related to traffic safety project

① Check the wipers, lights and reversing radar working condition

② Check the engine compartment item

③ inspection vehicle chassIs condition

④ entire vehicle tire checking

⑤ brake check system components

maturely ▎: vehicle age 3-5 years

spend 3–5 years Car, he entered a mature stage of the vehicle. Maturity, which means that most state of the vehicle into the peak phase, after thIs stage Will begin to decline gradually.

Some models began to appear: Parts of aging, oil spills, leaks and other minor problems. If it Is good quality vehicles in all appearances it Will be glamorous.

thIs stage, the vehicle Is to focus on the following aspects inspection and maintenance:

brake pads:

in the Car’s braking system brakes Is the most critical safety components, the braking effect are all good or bad brakes play a decIsive role.

Generally, the lower the cost of brake pad wear faster. Friction materials after use timely replacement brake pads, or brake dIsc Will be in direct contact with the plate, it Will eventually lose braking effect and damage the brake dIsc.

fuel pump:

Car up to more than three years, the fuel pump to clean or replace the same.

shock absorbers:

If it Is not found with the new Car so smooth, in which case you should check Automobile shock absorber.

Shock absorber Is to reduce vehicle vibration, which Is part of the suspension system, shock absorber spring if not flexible, it Will shake so badly at high speeds, and more rain Is particularly dangerous.

▎ period of decline: vehicle age 6 to 10 years

If the vehicle opened a decade later, the Car performance can be said has been declining, repair and maintenance costs are also rIsing year by year.

In the meantime, some of the oil seal and the seal has been aging, should be timely and thorough cure after finding fault, otherwIse it Will lead to higher maintenance costs. Rubber, air conditioning, paint, power systems and other Issues Will be more prominent.

Dynamic performance of the vehicle Is reduced because the system Is oil pollution, engine cleaning time, time and oil changes Will ease thIs situation.

Note: ThIs period must be strengthened to Car maintenance, periodic replacement of wearing parts, repair stations or from time to time to check the condition conservation center.

▎ out period: vehicle age 10 to 15 years

While my non-working Cars have been the abolition of mandatory retirement age, but the Car used in thIs stage when the performance of the components have been watered down.

In actual use, the engine speed so as not to pull too high, and should be avoided intense driving, so as to let the Car successfully completed the rest of the journey.

If you want to spend more time with hIs own Car a few years

going on vehicle maintenance Issues and more at the point of mind

forward remind more people!