Car maintenance after the fuel consumption but increased? Old drivers: only four kinds of reasons!

Car maintenance to Car owners Is certainly not unfamiliar, but also for the maintenance of the Car Is definitely very important.

We all know that the Car Is bought with, so that Will certainly wear occurs during use, when our Car after work for some time, it Is necessary to take a break.

If we say that our Cars do not Care, has been traveling, then its performance Is certainly there Will be He declined. We must go to the area to counsel of their own Car maintenance habits do, so our Cars can better serve us.

In general, if the Car Is capable of timely maintenance, the Car’s usage time Will certainly be a lot of relatively prolonged, there Is in the Car to do maintenance, we Car performance certainly Will return even more good.

But there Is one owner recently encountered such a thing, and that Is in your own Car after maintenance, fuel consumption but increased a lot. The owners went to hIs Car to do maintenance, be sure it Is better to let hIs Car performance, low fuel consumption and more, but who thought their own money to finIsh after maintenance, their fuel consumption has increased.

Cars increased fuel consumption, certainly not without reason, so we have to find the cause of the increased fuel consumption.

old driver said, Car maintenance increased fuel consumption, and only these four reasons!

First of all, there Is an excess of oil may be added to the Car to do maintenance at the time. If too much oil inside the engine, then the resIstance of the engine certainly Will correspondingly larger, so we want to improve the Car lock, then it must be consumed gasoline.

Another reason may be that youI did not own the Car of the old oil to be drained when replacing gasoline directly to put new oil to pour into it.

Another reason may be the time to change the oil in the new for its own oil and Automobile original oil type Is not supporting, as had mixed after oil, its vIscosity sure it Will change. Oil Car to Car Is very important, because once the oil Is damaged, then the engine Will need more gasoline in the process of moving!

Finally, it may be because your Car spark plug problem has occurred. Automotive spark plug Is also relatively important because it relates to fuel consumption problems of the Car, if you simply do not own the spark plug to be installed in the vehicle maintenance time, or simply do not tighten, then the inside of the gas and pressure Will certainly increase.

thIs time the power of the engine also Will be a corresponding reduction in lot, so that the engine want to improve their work efficiency, then he would have to consume more gasoline. When doing maintenance must be Carefully examined clearly on the part of their own Car, do not Care because of increased fuel consumption of my Car.