Car maintenance “4 do not do” a lot of people move, Check it out

Now the Car has been into the household of life, many owners are increasingly pay attention to pay attention to vehicle maintenance. Vehicle maintenance Is very important, can improve collaboration components to enhance the performance of the Car, it Is possible to extend the life of the vehicle. Many owners think that on a regular basIs to 4s shops to do maintenance foolproof. In fact, 4s shop to do Car maintenance purpose Is to maximize the benefits certainly Will do a lot of unnecessary maintenance project for the owners said, Is not only more spent the money, there may be damage to the vehicle.

The first item Is a tire maintenance. Most age-long Car owners are afraid of driving a flat tire occurs during life-threatening. 4s shop tire maintenance can be made at thIs time, to extend tire life, then many owners imagined they agreed. In fact, 4s shops to do tire maintenance, tire just add a layer of oil, to make it look cleaner. In fact, these things do not have any necessary, tire oil also has some corrosion, increases the rIsk of tire chapped.

The second term clean oil. Need a thousand dollars in oil 4s shop cleaning, but are not necessary every time maintenance cleaning. Because Automobile engine oil circuit, if 4s shop clean up properly, could lead to loosening of oil, once you have loose, it may leak gasoline, it Is lethal.

Item 3 waxing a Car. Most owners feel that a regular basIs to the Car waxing, can maintain the shell of the Car. But the short time I could Care often do. Car wax itself with a basic, if a housing attached to the Car for a long time, it Is possible to produce a corrosive effect on the Car paint.

Xiao Bian reminder, the general short-term Care does not need to go to 4s shops do, in fact, in some small garages can do Is also very cost effective. Car owners learned yet?