Car line maintenance How often? Car circuit aging What Is the harm?

[master Car: Car maintenance] and now more and more people buy a Car, as the maintenance of late has become everyone’s hot on the topic, in addition to regular maintenance, there are many other types the maintenance Is also worthy of note, such as Cars line maintenance, maintenance time how long? Circuit aging and short-circuit what harm?

and now more and more electronic components on the Car, brought us convenience, but also very likely to cause an electrical failure, according to statIstics Electronics failures accounted for more than 50% of vehicle maintenance! Because the current Big Three Car Is already quite mature, as long as the normal use of the difficult problems; and with the increase of electronic components, Automobile line pressure Is growing, especially a lot of the late owners to install xenon headlights or speakers, Will further exacerbate the aging line.

To check whether the circuit aging

Since the Automobile engine, the ignition coil temperature of the vehicle Is very high, easily lead to softening of the insulating layer of the high voltage ignition wires, aging, crack damage, so that the high-voltage leakage, short circuit, and ultimately cause spontaneous combustion.

to prevent rain erosion circuit

On rainy days, when the Car passes the deeper water, the ignition system Is easy due to moIsture leakage, resulting in the Car engine Is not easy to start the second. We can wait until after the vehicle off with a dry cloth to dIstribution boards and electrical wiring inside and outside to dry, and then go to repair shop to check.

easy fuel circuit failure

If the vehicle oil and circuit failure, the engine Will be forced to work at increased dIscharge oil, thIs Will cause great waste of fuel, once many cases the sudden increase in fuel consumption Car appeared, we should go to the 4S shop inspection.

Master Summary: Car maintenance cycle Is generally now Is 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers, every time we go to maintenance when the teacher can make the way to check the line, in particular, recent heavy rain again, make sure the Car line drying, or dirty, or if we find routeBy water, you have time to clean up.