car! In the end how to maintain it?

old driver knows the Car run-in period Is very important.

condition summarize: what the Car Is in a youth, After a run-in period, Automobile transmIssion, chassIs system Is in a very good working condition It Is also useful to start a Car. Old drivers know, Car break-in period Is very important. The first 24 months after a Car within the next 12 months to buy a new Car, the Car can be said that the state Is very good period, equivalent to human adolescence. If there are quality problems, basically it Will be found within a year, if there Is no quality problem, we just do basic maintenance on it, and in general Will not be much of a problem. Basic checks bought Car starts from several aspects: view of the transmIssion belt, the exhaust system, battery state; Replace oil and filter; Car inspection, cleaning air filter; Quality Check function and properties of the oil power steering system; See chassIs balls drawbars dust cover; See front suspension state; see the status of the tire; quality Check function and properties of the brake fluid in a brake system; see nature of the functionality of the air conditioning system. Car break-in period refers to the process after the start of a new Car or major repairs, in order to ensure full contact parts, friction, adaptation, shaping the basic mileage. Now a lot of mainstream models have achieved a three-year or 100,000 km warranty commitments, for the period of the gold Car we have to do maintenance to the following areas: Vehicle View: View of the engine compartment; see the vehicle chassIs; view the entire Car tires; see lights, wipers, reversing radar; See brake system; many large and small maintenance item, like replacement of the three filters and the like.

easily replaced regularly bad parts.

generally refers to mature after the Car 3 –5 years. After the Car had a run-in period, the condition of the Car Will reach a peak, that Is what we call “adolescence”, the nature of the vehicle functions and most of the components at its best, can basically continue until about three years. In the project focuses on maturity need to look at are: brake pads: To view real-time status of brake pads, and real-time dIsplacement; shock absorber: If the vehicle Is found maturity in actual use Is not so smooth, thIs time you need to see look at the Car damping system has no problem; the fuel pump: Vehicle opened three years later, in respect of clean fuel pump basically replaced. Decline of the vehicle Is purchased 6 Automotive – 10 years at thIs stage. At thIs stage of the vehicle, the Car’s performance declined each year, small problems and big problems Will gradually unfolded. 6–10 years: “twilight period” Is up, you must be on the Car to enhance the conservation, schedule easily replaced bad parts, from time to time to the service station or conservation center to check Car usage, you must view and maintain the out of the bus in front and closed Car . Elimination of the age of the vehicle in the Car generally 10–15 years. Run-in period Is each part of the Car, need to practice with each other. In actual use, try not to pull the engine speed Is too high, and should be avoided intense driving.