Car excessive maintenance also harm! Do pay attention!

Car Is a high-speed operation of the machine, so if you want to moderate its long life maintenance Is necessary. When it comes to maintenance, we naturally think of an oil change, air filter and other projects. However, everything has limits, and more likely to be counterproductive. To vehicle maintenance, for example. Excessive vehicle maintenance and may even damage the Car.

Today, we talk about excessive maintenance Car Will be.

1, add the oil too much

want the Car more lubricating oil Will pay more? ThIs Is a wrong idea.

add too much oil Will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also increase the amount of oil spilled on the cylinder wall, causing oil burning phenomenon. The quantity of oil added should be controlled to an optimum value on the scale between the scale and the scale of oil.

2, bolt too tight

Since the Car Is a precIsion machine, screwing it does not matter, right? Is it?

ThIs Is a mIsunderstanding, the screws can not be tightened too tightly, it Is easy to cause permanent deformation of the connection member, but also cause the bolt tensile deformation, breakage or even cause abrasions .

3, the fan belt tight

Is too high summer temperatures. Some drivers think we should increase the tightness of the belt. ThIs Is not acceptable. Fan belt should be properly maintained loose and tight, too tight Will result because the bearing load Is too large, increased wear and power consumption, and a water pump shaft bending, deformation and elongation, and shortened belt life.

4, with free-vehicle apparatus

Is now a wide range of vehicle configuration, but not every configurations are suitable for their Cars. Some owners in pursuit of power and driving comfort, add some random mess of equipment. Not doing so good. If treated improperly modified Car Will affect vehicle performance and operational reliability, even at rIsk.

5Cooling water temperature Is too low

very hot in summer. As we all know, some drivers worry about the engine temperature Is too high, so they simply remove the thermostat to cool the engine.

sensitive to heat and cold engine. If the cooling water temperature Is too low, it Will lead to the deterioration of fuel combustion, fuel consumption Will increase, Will exacerbate the wear and tear, oil vIscosity Will increase engine power Will be reduced.

Thus try not the coolant temperature Is too low, typically controlled between 80 to 90 ° C on it.

Tips: Although the Car Is a precIsion machine, but we only need regular maintenance in accordance with the provIsions of the Car like a manual time. If excessive maintenance can damage Cars and money. If you are not familiar with vehicle maintenance, you can drive to the 4S shop or more professional repair workshop or learn more than their own small knowledge of Car maintenance.