Car during maintenance, when to change something? do you know? Look at thIs a full understanding of the

Car during maintenance, when to change something? do you know? Look at thIs a full understanding!

1, oil: each maintenance Will change Is oil, oil change between 5000 km to 15,000 km, the replacement cycle of the vehicle according to the use of oil or synthetic oil Is a semi-synthetic oil determined.

2, filter: various filters, such as oil filters, air filter, fuel filter and air filter, and, as well as the transmIssion filter.

oil filter Is to be replaced each time, the air filter and fuel filter Is to be replaced once during every 10,000 km, the air filter Is to changed twice a year. These are the must need to be replaced.

3, spark plugs: The spark plug Is also a need to know every parts during maintenance, the spark plug can ignite the ignition of combustible mixed gas cylinder, if the work too long, it Is to make the operation of the engine jitter, the worst case, the formation of short cylinders, but also beat the fire, but also increase fuel consumption, so the timely replacement of spark plugs Is also very important.

4, Carbon deposition cleaning: Car in motion Will produce coke, Carbon deposits appear once it Is best to wash the timely, even though there are plot Carbon, but the Car can continue driving, but also cause a lot of dIstress to the Car, like beat the fire, accelerate weakness, big fuel consumption. Thus affecting the power and comfort of the Car.

Under normal circumstances, the Car Is moving 3-50000 kilometers of time, it Is necessary to conduct a clean Carbon deposits, but a few kilometers because of different Car habit, a difference Will be very large, so best to check before cleaning it again, and then determine the Carbon deposition cleaning, not necessarily the number of kilometers before going to wash. ThIs situation anybody’s guess. So regular or go check it.

5, brakes: for brake pads, it Is not a fixed period, which Is a consumable, without the use of each vehicleThe same, so the pressure on the brake pad are different.

when replacing brake pads, we should pay attention to the thickness of the brake pads, consider replacing the go, to be replaced at 40,000 km, when under normal circumstances, if your Car very soft way, it can be to replace between 6-8 km.

6, antifreeze: Coolant i.e., the main role Is for preventing freezing in winter, summer prevent boiling, but also to prevent scale.

replacement cycle Is to be replaced antifreeze 4-60000 km time.

7, Battery: In normal driving the vehicle when the battery replacement cycle Is generally about 40,000 km, if when you feel unable to start the vehicle time, it Is likely that the battery problem, then the necessary and timely battery replacement.

everyone in the vehicle stalled, or your headlights music, Will be the loss of battery power, the battery can be replaced by detecting whether view.

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