Car drove less, 10,000 kilometers a year did not go? Recommend: maintenance like thIs

Lead: Car drove less, 10,000 kilometers a year did not go? Suggest that you: thIs maintenance like

Hello everybody, I am glad to do with you once again share, the rapid development of today, Automotive technology has been rapid progress in the past for the civilian population , the Car Is not the desire and, now, the Car had already spread to every corner of the city. Because the prices are getting lower and lower. So more and more families can afford Cars.

so the Car Is already standard on every home daily travel, watching neighbors have to buy a Car, I do not buy feel no face but some owners, bought the Car, very little open within a year, and there are parts of the Car, not 10,000 kilometers a year to go, so in thIs case, how to maintain it? The 4S shop to lIsten to it? They expect you to maintain it every month! I do not know to look down.

First, the importance of vehicle maintenance

First of all, understand that the main Car in fact, the Car Is like a person, you need to pay attention to maintenance, daily multi-Car, the Car did not appear too much trouble, if not pay attention to maintenance, the Car Is not only often strikes, but also a security rIsk. Therefore, maintenance of the Car Is particularly important.

Second, Car maintenance, oil Is to select the most important

again, need to tell you that Car maintenance, the choice of oil Is the most important because it Is the engine lubricants, cooling agents, while also preventing various parts wear agents.

to select the oil, we have to choose high-quality oil as much as possible, not freeloaders, choose low-grade oil. Below I Will share a few kilometers of oil type and Care for everyone:

1, mineral oil:

such oil Is most times oil, heat resIstance and lubricating property effect Is very general, so long asUsed Car, it Is recommended six months or 5 one thousand kilometers of these oil Will Care.

2, semi-synthetic oil:

ThIs oil Is relatively better, usually 7 or 8 months one thousand kilometers maintenance time.

3, synthetic oil:

ThIs oil Is the best, the performance Is better than the previous two seed oil, so the number of kilometers a year apart less than the average Car 10,000 km, it proposes to add to thIs. Maintenance once a year Is enough.

Third, the Car usually open less need for attention

1, tire condition:

Although the open Car less, but does not mean there Is no problem of the tire, the tire Is made of rubber since, over time, Will natural aging cracking. Especially for a long time do not open parked outside, tire greater impact. The need for regular inspection.

2, the battery:

for a long time not open, or if the battery positive and negative connection, then it Is It has been in a state of dIscharge, prone to loss of electricity, when the Car starts, leading to beat the fire. Therefore, we should pay attention to protect the battery, do not open for a long time, can be positive and negative battery cable removed.

3, refueling:

Car was traveling less, does not recommend full tank of fuel, since gasoline likely to be volatile , therefore, we propose to add one or two hundred on it, in order to avoid losses.

Fourth, 10,000 kilometers a year did not go, suggest that you: thIs maintenance like integrated the above three points, we all know should be clear, open Car less a year, less than 10,000 km, how to maintain it? Select oil fully synthetic motor oil,Replaced once a year on it. Regularly check the battery and tires, it Is recommended once every 7 days to start the Car and let it run a few minutes to ensure adequate battery power, so as not to beat the fire situation occurs.

Well, that’s about the Car was traveling at less 1 year 10,000 km did not go to the maintenance of knowledge sharing, how you look at