Car Care What Is included?

vehicle maintenance typically includes the following five aspects. Cleaning ①: Automobile inner and outer surfaces for cleaning, washing, wiping, and the grease filter, combustion chamber deposits, cleaning the cooling system structure; ② Lubrication: filling of lubrication points or greased, and the engine, filling or transmIssion oil change, steering, transmIssion, and other fastening ③ main fastening: All primary fastening bolt and a nut screwed. ④ Check: performance of the vehicle braking dIstance, the amount of brake shoe wear, engine power, cylinder pressure, an oil passage, the main passage to check the technical conditions of the vehicle and the local operating conditions and the like to meet the requirements. ⑤ adjustment: adjusted to the check result to the vehicle assembly or member of a predetermined state of the art.

Car routine maintenance:

Car small maintenance projects

10,000 km and small maintenance Is the oil filter and the oil filter: oil filter, air filter, filter steam.

Tuyue network service package Is customized according to the different needs of each model to accommodate maintenance projects, special vehicles exclusive. Typically, you can enter your Car’s make and model on the website, and you can customize the service.

benefits are: targeted, do not have to spend a lot of time to buy three filters, seek local service. The price cheaper than the 4S shop more than half. quality assurance.

Automobile major maintenance

20,000 for the repair, major maintenance once every 40,000 kilometers. 20,000 km maintenance, oil changes, filter, air filter and air filter, and some routine checks.

The air cleaner ①

suitable air filter reduces wear of cylinder, pIston and pIston rings. Butler remind you: general cleaning once every 5000 kilometers, must be replaced every 10,000 km air filter.

② oil filter

Oil filter installed correctly, avoiding the use of impurities mixed during the engine oil, the anti-Stop moving parts to wear and oil plug. Figure steward of the Car to remind you, you must also replace the oil filter when changing the oil, otherwIse it Will affect the quality of lubricating oil. Change the oil and oil filter Is generally a period Is 5000 km.

③ fuel filter

in a gasoline storage fuel filter prevents proper mounting cylinder wear and due to impurities and moIsture during the filling mixing. Yue Car steward way to remind you: In order to ensure good engine operation, fuel filter replacement cycle Is generally 20,000 km, one year away from. Opinions Yue Car steward Reuter: “The three filter”, must be repaired by a professional maintenance staff, so in thIs way the recommended Yue Car steward designated outlets, its professional services to complete a variety of Car maintenance specifications.

Oil Tips:

now the common market oil grades Is SJ, SL and SM. SM Is the highest grade gasoline engine lubricants, most technologically advanced, highest quality lubricating oil. W flag vIscosity number before the smaller, the better the fluidity of the oil. The larger the value of W, the better the high-temperature protection. It can generally be divided mineral and synthetic oils. 4S shop called the original engine oil Is mineral oil, the Car Is not good. Road to see the impact Total, Mobil, Shell and other lubricants on the blue passers Wyatt. They are good quality synthetic oil.