Car Care Tips, you know what?

Car emphasIs Is on “raIsing seven, three repair”, that Car Is only required regular maintenance, as much as possible early detection of problems, solve problems, so can we achieve to ensure behalf of the repair, small repair, overhaul , and even life does not overhaul the purpose of achieving safe, economical and trouble-free driving, so a longer life of the Car. Replace “surgical” with routine maintenance, to achieve to avoid demolition.

First, the Car Care knowledge

1, can not use washing powder, detergent washing

containing a basic ingredient because of its long-term use can loss of gloss paint, matte, dry, rust. Use special crystal-clean liquid or washing liquid.

2, Car stained with dirt to be in time

by the Car during use solar radiation, acid rain , over time easy to combine the various corrosive soils, such as cement, grease, mucus, asphalt, tree sap, insect stubborn stains, or the like, and then easy to make paint bleak, anodized paint, Automotive paint shortened life.

3, Car interior cleaning and maintenance to

usually part of the compartment by the outside world oil dust, sand, smoke, adverse factors of passengers and air conditioning sweat circulation, causing the air inside the cabin infected, then the growth of bacteria, and even unpleasant savor the musty velvet, leather aging. Both physical and mental health effects of vehicle owners not conducive to driving mood. Therefore, every three months should be done once a full set of indoor professional Care, Car washing should always vacuuming.

4, Cars, Car wax should be Carefully selected

Common oily solid wax Is not attached because focus, easy stain (rain leaving watermarks) and scratch the paint, bright lasting no other shortcomings have been gradually phased out. When the wax Is selected from the luxury Car should be Careful, a new wax are silty water, after wiping Shuangjie bright, easy to stick dust, long durability. (E.g., U.S. crystal color super wax film, U.S. MOC oil wax, UK turbot Symphony color patch wax)

5, Cars playing fine crystal wax polIshing step

Wax simple concept has been generally developed to wax coating today’s protective coating, must have become contemporary Automotive beauty Care of. We should pay attention to two aspects of the problem before waxing: First election wax, and second operation. Election wax paint protection should be needed, depending on the characterIstics of the paint as much as possible combined effect of the wax Carefully selected, thIs effect Will be more pronounced. After waxing body washing operations are generally performed, now mostly wax liquid wax, prior to use, the product Shake, pour on with a little damp cloth or sponge wiping a small area on the surface of the paint, slightly dry, and then a soft clean cloth repeatedly wiped away; and there are some solid wax, operate much the same way, the more senior of the wax when the wax Is open, effort. Waxing shade should operate properly. In addition, a Car made after polIshing must be coated with a protective wax polIsh, so make paint gloss doubled. And has a protective effect over time.

must first remove stains, it Is very important, otherwIse lay the wax did not gloss; finIshing second to play crystal wax; polIshing machine again: the elimination of yin and yang Chela uniform color, the Car wax finIsh key generating compound, conjugation to a solid impermeable smoother, stronger, more durable superior protection layer; final wipe suede vehicle special handling: without leaving scratches, light in relaxation. Per month should be regularly refined a polIshing wax once or twice, preferably with little or no oily solid wax, do not towel wax, waxing when not under sunlight or body temperature.

Second, Car maintenance Daquan:

Note that the following maintenance items are not the first to the warranty, maintenance time and mileage to any one whichever occurs first.

oil and filter

Mineral oil into oil and synthetic oil, the synthetic oil Is divided into fully synthetic and semi-synthetic, fully synthetic motor oil Is the highest level. Change the oil should refer to the user manual of the vehicle, as recommended by the specification to replace. Note that when the oil filter machines were replaced.

Mineral oil 5000 km or replaced every 6 months; [1Replace the 23]

8000-10000 km or synthetic oil every eight months.

transmIssion oil

transmIssion oil for lubrication to extend the life of the transmIssion action, the gearbox oil into ATF and manual transmIssion oil.

Usually a manual transmIssion oil or 60,000 km replaced once every 2 years;

ATF usually six per 000-120 000 km replacement.

Power oil

Automotive power steering assIst oil pump Is in a liquid, by the hydraulic action to be the steering wheel becomes lighter, earlier applied to the Cart, now basically every Car have thIs technology.

boost oil in general or 40,000 km every two years to replace a regular basIs should detect mIssing and added.

Brake oil

Due to Automobile braking system configuration, a long time brake oil inhale water, resulting in decreased braking force or brake failure.

or general brake fluid every 40,000 km 2-year replacement.


a long time, something Will degenerate, antifreeze, too, under normal circumstances, every two years or 40,000 km replacement. Regularly check the antifreeze level height, made up to the normal range.

Air Filter

As the engine of the “mask”, if too dirty air filter, Will certainly affect air circulation, reducing the amount of intake air of the engine, causing a loss of power.

Air filter replacement cycle for 1 year or 10,000 kilometers, to adjust the vIsual Car environment.

air filter

If the air filter Is the engine of the “mask”, then the air filter Is the occupants of the “mask”, once the air filter Is too dirty not only affect the air conditioning performance, but also pollute the environment inside the vehicle.

air conditioning filter replacement cycle for 1 year or 10,000 km, the same vIsual environment to adjust the Car.

fuel filter

Filters vehicle fuel impurities, built-in fuel filter replacement cycle Is generally 5 or 100,000 km; external fuel filter replacement cycle in two years.

The spark plug

The material, different materials of the spark plug replacement period Is not the same, and specific reference picture.


battery life by daily habits affect, in general, battery can be used for more than 3 years. After two years should periodically check the battery voltage.

Brake Pad

brake pads replacement cycle Is generally about 30,000 km, if the brake feel abnormal sound, when braking dIstances and other conditions, the brake pads should be replaced.


Tire depending on its usage, tire life in general 5 – 8 years, but usually when the vehicle tire factory has been for some time, so the best replacement cycle in about three years.

The wiper blade

Replacing the wiper blade Is not a fixed time, may replaceDepending on the results, if not clean or scrape abnormal sound, need to be replaced.