Car Care Tips: When seasons, where you want to focus on car maintenance

As we all know, in recent years as the economy continues to develop, more and more Cars into the average home, as a convenient tool for our trip, has also been everyone’s favorite . But it Is a Car consumables, bought it from the beginning of the day, the use of the process, and some other parts of the structure slowly to wear, so we have to conduct its regular maintenance and repair of the. In time for Car maintenance, different seasons to Yaoan respectively, then the turn of the season today, vehicle maintenance should pay attention to what the problem then?

In the above Automobile, the main battery that Is the energy storage device, and its presence may provide power to electronic systems of the vehicle above all. In the past, maybe the battery shortage, we can barely be mobilized, but now almost all electronic Car if the battery power shortage, the Car Will direct paralyzed there.


in the new state of the battery, its service life Is two to three years, and then further, the dIscharge capacity and the capacity Is It Will gradually decline. If well maintained, it can be a battery probably about four years, were properly maintained, perhaps two or three years you have to spend money to replace, so in terms of maintenance, the battery Is a very important part. We should regularly check the battery fluid level to go, when there Is insufficient liquid inside, and quickly add dIstilled water, always ensure that the liquid level within a reasonable range, otherwIse, we may have into the repair shop.

If the batteries are energy vehicles, the Car engine Is the heart of the nature. First of all to keep clean inside and outside the body, especially fuel, if not clean, then there might be some part to influence the operation. Second, to keep the engine oil inside the air foot and the foot enough water. Keep it in a good state, Is the most basic maintenance work, especially for EFI engine, the reliable fuel Is the most important. In addition, regular checks of engine oil, add and replace, Is also an important part of one of the Cars of the heart maintenance.

Car enough power, enough power, then it Is down to the brake system maintenance, and thIs Is related to the safety of our road. But in everyday life, maintenance of the brake system has often been the owners to ignore, we can imagine, if you process the next steep slope of brake failure, then face their own situation Will look like it? Of course, although thIs Is an Isolated phenomenon, but enough to arouse attention to the brake system. Before long every time we travel to check the thickness of the brake pads, brake pads should be at most about 15 millimeters, when the brake pads are worn leaving only 1/3, do not hesitate to timely replacement, because thIs Is the wear limit.

Tires are the only part of the body in contact with the ground, it Will be directly related to the degree of wear of safe driving, so we it should also be checked regularly, so as to avoid the tire failure caused by a number of security Issues. If you have a tire’s tread pebbles, it Will affect the life, so to be processed in a timely manner, and if the tires to wear the flag, to promptly replace new tires, otherwIse, because the tires have tread wear very badly grip Will decline, if not replace, our road Will be a great threat.

when the season changed, but also to owners of vehicle maintenance attention to some, thIs Car Will be with us much longer, but also to ensure everyone’s safety.