Car Care Tips: Maintenance of the car several major errors, you trigger a few?

Now more and more people buy a Car, the Car more and more people, in order to meet the various needs of the Car a foot, and now for maintenance of the Car to be varied, it Is undeniable for the Car Some maintenance Is very useful, and it Is to be done, but for some other maintenance becomes less necessary.

maintenance Is not doing better, the more maintenance Is not doing the whole better, a lot of people think the answer Is yes. In fact, sometimes when the truth Is not necessarily the majority of people standing there. Vehicle maintenance relating to the life and safety of vehicle occupants, some incorrect maintenance methods, not only would not achieve the role of maintenance of the Car, but also very likely to cause thIs kind of damage to the Car. Today we’ll chat, what are errors during maintenance, Will be combined with some concrete examples to you about hope for the future maintenance you Will help.

Here we have to talk about what specific maintenance errors exIst:

(1) miles or no time to go to maintenance:

thIs Is what we said before that the maintenance of diligent practice, really necessary? Let’s chat. Under normal circumstances, the exclusion of some special vehicles, vehicle maintenance time probably in 5000 km or 3 months. Normally, as long as the maintenance within thIs range there Is no problem, but some owners are like early maintenance. To be honest the Car for the maintenance of the Car completely unnecessary, although diligent maintenance can not hurt, but too often there Is no need of maintenance. Because the Car’s oil, filter, are all parts of life, as long as under normal circumstances, within the validity period Will not be any problem arIse. For maintenance the Car we just need to use the manufacturer’s instructions, on a regular basIs to Carry out appropriate maintenance can be. Advance maintenance, a not necessary; the second can also save a lot of maintenance costs, we try to do it!

(2) to the vehicle frequently beauty:

Many owners prefer to have their Car looks very texture, like their Car looks shiny. So many owners very happy to go to the Car to do beauty. Car to do beauty, nothing more than waxing and polIshing, which Is a lot of project owners often do. In fact, often to the Car waxing Is not very good, but too frequently Will harm the finIsh. Occasionally beat it can indeed play a role in protecting the paint, but too often makes the body color hair black, because the wax contains a lot of acidic substances. If a friend Is in the South several times how much wax can be appropriate, because more rain in the south; if it Is a friend in the north there Is no need to go often to the Car waxing, because the relatively dry weather in the north. As well as in the choice of Car wax, be sure to choose no abrasive Car wax.

(3) Different brands coolant mix:

because a lot of owners think that simply do not understand, all brands of coolant are the same, so there have been many owners coolant mix plus situation. In fact, thIs Is a wrong approach. Coolant also be due to the chemical composition of different brands inside difference, if used in combination Will result in a new chemical reaction, thus accelerating the corrosion and aging tanks.

(4) three filter with the change:

Because many owners of the inertia of thinking and a handy chart psychology, so many owners Will simply be replaced with three filters in the Car when the Car maintenance. In fact, three filter there Is no need for a change, because all three of them life have been different if it Is replaced with some waste. For the three filter replacement vehicle simply follow the instructions above to time suggestions, periodically replaced.

for a few common myths when maintenance above, some errors can not be said to be wrong, however, Is completely unnecessary. There are a number of errors that must be avoided, otherwIse not only would not achieve the role of maintenance Will have a negative impact on the Car, so more harm than good! For the above-mentioned several common maintenance errors, what do you think, to welcome you intoAC line comment!