Car care tips?

Car you are familiar with, most Will be driving, but many people do not know Is how the right Car maintenance, Car maintenance In fact, many written articles, I today talking about some simple maintenance tips, Car maintenance with the past are very different, we can look at.

First, vehicle maintenance mainly to their own diligent few, such as our best to dust hIs Car clean the surface every day , even if it Is a piece of cloth that can wipe the child, because every day to clean up dust, paint can make the Car better protected.

Second, Car parking places should pay attention to, especially when we go out to work or parking parking when there try to avoid where tall buildings, but also to avoid some of the more and more Cars and local people, so you can effectively avoid the Car Is considered damaged.

Third, when we drove the road to try to choose some better place, do not take some bumpy roads, while also Do some steep slopes, to avoid damage to the vehicle chassIs, and can protect the Car’s engine Will not overload.

Fourth, the Car while driving, pay attention to the work of the various components, we should pay attention when driving the Car in time Some of these changes, because their Car themselves most clearly, as long as the minor defects found must be repaired as soon as possible, so you can take preventive measures.

Fifth, Automobile antifreeze need to pay attention to me, because in general antifreeze from a year inside the season influence, so we do not have a short time to replace the antifreeze, personal recommendation Is to be replaced every two years, and the way we have to clean a sewer.

Sixth, everyone in the Car maintenance, pay attention to a number of related things that we needWe know where the point Is that everyone in the oil change to be replaced every three filters, oil filter or else only for the heart, without an oil change, the oil change Filter also meaningless.

Seventh, Car maintenance to which we should pay attention to Is that we need to do a wheel alignment at about one million kilometers, thIs Is for driving safety, but also to protect other parts of the vehicle’s wheel alignment ,, do in fact Is to avoid the middle set of wear and tear, thIs Will result in the case of [] eat tires.