Car Care Strategy (full), car owners take no thanks!

vehicle maintenance strategy (full), Car owners take no thanks!

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in fact, for Car owners friend mentioned “vehicle maintenance” Is not surprIsing, somewhat vehicle maintenance experience. The so-called Car repair, Is periodically or according to the provIsions of mileage on the Car wearing parts and consumables for inspection and maintenance. Car wearing parts and supplies There are five oil: oil, brake fluid, transmIssion oil, differential oil, power steering oil. Trihydrate: coolant, water glass, cell water. Four filter: oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, air filter known as the five Sanshui four oil filter.

Of course, in addition to the oil 5, 4 and 3 water was filtered, and the spark plug, the battery and tire wearing parts category. In order to ensure that systems and components to work within a specified period of time and mileage, regular maintenance Is particularly important. Members drivers have also systematically learn Car maintenance knowledge, to do the right Car maintenance, maintenance personnel to avoid chaos sell maintenance works, but wasting money Is not that also hurt the Car affect traffic safety, and that loss Is big.

Car maintenance mileage or cycle: When it comes to Car maintenance, you must know how much time you should spend on maintenance or mileage. In general, when each model sold, the manufacturer Will be standard Automotive repair and maintenance manuals, maintenance can be Carried out in accordance with the provIsions. Currently, most domestic Cars have a period of 3 months or 5,000 km initial Car insurance policy, which means that one of the first Car should be guaranteed.

substantially every repair overhaul every 5000 km. However, thIs Is not absolute. Part of the special, high-end models use full synthetic oil service intervals and longer mileage, maintenance interval mileage but generally not more than 15,000 kilometers. Vehicle maintenance project: Through the above understanding of vehicle maintenance and maintenance knowledge of mileage, following a brief classification of vehicle maintenance as well as their corresponding maintenance items. Currently on the market Is generally divided into maintenance routine maintenance, small repairs and maintenance of big three. The following Is a brief description:

routine maintenance: the so-called Car routine maintenance, refer to the owner of the daily inspection of the Car’s various systems and components, you do not need to go to 4S shop maintenance and repair shops. Owners should check items include: tire condition check and foreign matter, check the tire pressure, vehicle inspection, engine oil and all liquid remains in the lowest scale line, and so on. If the routine examination, abnormal timely treatment.

Small maintenance: generally refers to a vehicle maintenance every 5,000 km maintenance, maintenance projects typically: change the oil, oil filter, air filter, the air blown through the filter, the entire vehicle security checks, such as light, steering system, an Automated system, brake wear, tire wear, tire pressure detection, various petroleum supplementation, such as abnormal situation timely manner.

major maintenance: large maintenance vehicles generally refers to a vehicle traveling up to three years or 60,000 km should be Carried out major maintenance. Large maintenance program Is based on the minor maintenance items needed replacement fuel filter, spark plugs, brakes, battery replacement and maintenance of the oil vehicle. When the vehicle mileage over 100,000 km, also need to replace the tires.

All of the above items cost repair and Car prices have a great relationship, usually about 100,000 Car to normal 4 s shop small maintenance costs may 400–600 yuan, a huge maintenance costs 1500 – between 3,000 yuan, more expensive vehicles, maintenance items and more importantly, a single high maintenance costs, the total cost of repairs and more. Each Car owners should be combined with their own situation to Car maintenance. Car repair process: Under normal circumstances, 4S shop or repair shop maintenance process Is as follows:

1 drive to the store, by hand pick, and instructs you to park your Car in the designated location . 2. conservation officers Issued a lIst of maintenance engineering and other costs according to the actual situation of vehicle mileage owner to sign it. 3, the keys to the Car repair shop, maintenance cost according to the lIst of vehicle maintenance can be Carried out under the overall supervIsion of the owners. 4. After the service Is completed, the vehicle should be delivered to the owners acceptance. 5. After everyone pay, pick up the Car off the field, vehicle maintenance Is completed.

to store dimension 4SRepair or repair shop to repair? Maintenance mention many of my friends Will ask, Is the 4S shop maintenance or repair shop repair? 4S shop maintenance normally have original parts, workmanship, repair process specifications, perfect after-sale protection, etc., but there are relatively high, maintenance of vehicles waiting for a long time and other shortcomings. Although lower repair shop repair price, and time Is fast,

However, in order to maximize profits, Is likely to give customers a low-cost replacement of some non-original accessories, master craft mixed mIssing, non-standard technology, after-sale protection shortcomings difficulties. Therefore, the majority of owners are not friends of the poor money and time or try to choose the original 4 s normal Car repair shop, of course, if people can be trusted repair shop can also go to the repair shop, or choose according to actual situation of individuals.

vehicle maintenance and Lightning tips: Many owners have such experience, 4 s shop or repair shop sales staff are always warmly recommended certain maintenance projects, as consumers, we want to thIs awareness has not cheated spend some money, the following series of several typical small pit to maintain a collection of items.

1, the throttle valve, the engine head and catalytic cleaning of the so-called Care and maintenance Is not necessary to actually dIsassembled finIshed hair wiping .2, adding fuel to the engine fuel additive, Is said to remove the accumulation of Carbon, in fact, Is really not necessary, the effect Is very general. 3, tire maintenance, the tire Is to be cleaned, and then hit a tire wax, except that no effect outside Attractive,

and a certain degree of tire wear and tear Will be replaced out, maintenance Is also equal to zero. 4, air conditioning maintenance: in fact, to spray some air conditioning detergent, wash the whole thing, in fact, we can call air filter maintenance master with gas blow down, in fact, thIs project Is really no need to spend money on maintenance.

Summary: After reading the above Car maintenance knowledge, generally Is the case, but not necessarily comprehensive, sometimes to be selected according to the actual situation. We want to have a Car, about to buy a Car friends a little help. Anyway acquire more knowledge Is good, more personally involved in vehicle maintenance and repair knowledge of dIssent little friends are welcome and small series of positive interaction, hope to useMy limited knowledge to solve everyone’s questions in terms of vehicle maintenance. (From FIG dIstribution network, if wrong, contact remove small series)