Car Care Remember these places, repairman taught himself, to keep a car more money

Some people have Car as a tool, just know that the use of maintenance do not know, some people the Car as a baby, maintenance Is very diligent, although the definition of each person different Car, her perspective on Car different, but no matter how that Car has become a means of transport for many families.

In fact, the Car Is a double-edged sword, Why do you say? It Is actually quite simple, he brought us convenience, but also threatens the lives of everyone, maybe some people Will say, I opened such a long time has nothing to do ah, in fact, a vehicle security threat to everyone all the time the life safety.

and small series Cars as a tool to buy a home, except we use, should also be timely maintenance, timely and effective maintenance can make your Car the increased service life, but also better for your convenience, can guarantee driving safety name! The Car then how to maintain it? What should be concerned when Xiao Bian today to tell you about the maintenance of it! Repairman himself to teach, keeping a Car and more money !!!

Automobile engine oil and filter, oil known as the “Car of blood”, can play lubrication to antifriction, leak-proof seal etc., Is indIspensable thing Cars, and the machine used to remove the oil filter dust, metal particles, Carbon deposits and soot particles and other impurities, to protect the engine. Thus all the usual maintenance process, oil filters are an indIspensable part. In peacetime, when we add oil to remember that oil increases should not be too full, and do not add too little, and the replacement of oil can be replaced according to the quality of the oil, mineral oil replaced every 5000 km or 6 months; synthetic motor oil 8000-10000 km or replaced once every eight months.

gearbox oil, transmIssion process Is the seat of the Car Is running indIspensable precIsion parts, and transmIssion oil Is to reduce wear and increase service life , so everyone should be replaced or added the gearbox oil in the normal maintenance process. Manual gearbox oil in general or 60,000 km every two years to replace a; Automatic transmIssion oil Is generally replaced every 60,000 -12 million kilometers.

brake fluid, brake fluid systems essential, but because of the special nature of the liquid, and therefore Will lead to long-term use of the Automobile brake fluid influent vehicle braking effect, and further resulting in insufficient braking force or brake failure, said the simple point Is that the braking dIstance Is too long or brake failure! So they usually maintenance are important to note that, in general or brake fluid every 40,000 km replaced every two years.

Finally, we talk about Automotive antifreeze, Automotive antifreeze coolant Is, in fact, can be seen from the literal meaning, he Is the coolant has antifreeze function thIs liquid Is well protected because the engine temperature difference Is too large damage. In fact, many people think that it Is winter Automobile antifreeze used, it Is not true, he can use throughout the year, but in winter the effect Will be even better. As well as remind everyone winter Is imminent, the Car maintenance fall not to be mIssed, some want to change antifreeze good Car before the onset of winter, or you might really regret it. ThIs Is a small series of personal experience!

In fact, Care about Cars Is a science related to the use of the Car also about the time the driver and passenger safety of human life, so we usually must pay attention to the maintenance of the Car, he was really important! Well share thIs Issue on here, about Car maintenance of various liquids What you want to say it? Comments dIstrict share it!