Car Care must master these few important time, a car must see!

your Car for many years, and often do maintain it? Do you know which note the different stages of vehicle maintenance has it? The following Car Gaga micro-life for everyone to talk about.

First, the age of the vehicle 1 year

in the Car during thIs time as youth people, it Is the need to cultivate during the Carving. So pay attention to routine maintenance schedule, and more like basic maintenance, to reduce the possibility of failure in the future.

Second, the age of the vehicle 1–3 years

At thIs time, in all aspects of performance of the Car have reached best, usually need to pay attention to routine maintenance, such as changing the oil filter and the like. Also pay special attention to check the condition of the Car, including tires, brakes, engine, chassIs and the like.

Third, the age of the vehicle 3–5 years

during thIs period, pay attention to check the brakes, fuel pumps, shock absorbers, identify problems and timely repair, do not drop any “root cause”, after all, too At thIs stage, the vehicle began to decline.

Fourth, the age of the vehicle 6–10 years

At thIs time, the problem of the Car up more slowly especially steam air conditioning, paint, power systems and other Issues more prominent. Vehicle dynamic performance of a serious decline in oil system Is generally due to pollution, time to clean up the engine, oil changes, etc., in a timely manner to the repair shop for maintenance, in order to more long-term use.

V. vehicle age 10–15 years

At thIs time, the Car has been to the faltering of age, because our non-working Cars have been canceled mandatory retirement policy but the following three conditions still need to be scrapped: 1 mileage up to 60 million metricLi;. 2 not pass inspection or inspection without time;. 3 emIssion standard limits beyond countries.

[Car] Gaga micro-life Interaction: C and small talk, how old your Car home, and it usually Is how to maintain it?