Car Care must go to 4S store? Remember these few tips, you can solve their own

Once you have the Car, the maintenance of the Car owners who are very active, coming 4s shop prescribed time, put the Car in advance sent. But over time, increase the cost of Car maintenance, Car owners began to be too much, I do not got the idea to start slowly. Of course, there are many owners complained that the Car 4s shop maintenance Is too expensive, in fact, that some older drivers maintain there Is no need to go to a non-4s shop.

Later, the old driver told the owners, just remember these following tips, and that they can do at home to Car maintenance, the perfect solution. Such as paint curing, no matter how expensive the Car, a long time after the wind and sun, the paint Will have a slight case of peeling. ThIs time the owner can be standing wax, to prevent oxidation of the paint.

Furthermore, Is inside the Car maintenance, vehicle owners normally pay close attention to the appearance of the Car, but to clean up the inside of the Car can not relax. Especially good Is a hidden little corner also clean up once in a while it Will also cushion mats are removed to wash, it Is not easy to breed bacteria. There Is often Automotive air conditioning dIsinfectant sprays, they should do for their health.

The third Is the cleaning Automobile glass, may be many owners that the Automotive glass lightly rub, or a rain, a wiper brush the can a. In fact sometimes parked in the open air environment, Is likely to be stained with grease or bird droppings. Usually drive when it rains or the owners Will cover the line of sight, then you need to buy a glass cleaning liquid cleaning.

to see where we should understand that the Car serviced when, in fact, did not imagine them so difficult, many small Will be able to maintain their own at home do, such as Car three filter, the owner of the Car to know more, then he can be replaced at home, you can also save a lot of money. Well maintenance, Will make hIs Car more than a couple of years, Why not do it? Car Care must go to 4S store? Remember these few tips, you can solve their own