Car Care must go to 4S store? I’ll tell you! Do not blindly follow the trend!

Reprinted from one hundred Author: large Car park

Some netizens said that thIs store to buy a new Car 4s, 4s shop now free maintenance, the maintenance Car on the place must go to buy a Car. OtherwIse, do not Care where we Will be at a dIsadvantage, the answer Is it really? Then I’ll tell you, do not blindly follow the trend.

A friend said the same thing online hIs experience, he was about a year ago to buy a Car Is at a four s store to buy, s shop and then four people can say that taking Care of their Car often go four s own Car maintenance shop in their store, but in general to four s store maintenance of the Car price Is not so expensive, that Is, in general probably around 500, so that Is almost the same, there are probably two or three times a year to four s shop maintenance own Car, the Car came out after maintenance mood Will be very happy, so that each Is very happy.

Some netizens said that he maintained hIs Car inside the Car include a variety of parts cleaning and fueling a series of boxes, etc., the price Is also acceptable, so we often go four s Car maintenance shop. So the users out in the four s store such a cheap price Will own Car maintenance Is also similar, so that was quite happy, but how much time has passed without their own Car appeared, variety The problem. To say the Car’s engine, there Is often a lot of jitter phenomenon, which themselves, in everyday driving behavior have been greatly affected, then the users, go ask some, a better understanding of thIs people ask their own knowledge of the Car, in the end how it Is, obviously the Car just maintenance, but good has emerged so, the question in the end Is how, then, a better understanding of the contents of thIs area people say, inside the Car was a fake motor oil, Car engine so that he would often shake the situation, because thIs oil Is fake, fake engine oil Is certainly not a normal operation.

So, finally friends said he was annoyed, and it turned out that four s store could be so deceptive, obviously he also dig the money to maintain, but he used a fake to fool their own oil, was particularly angry. I heard that the users want to give everyone a suggestion, if you go to maintenance, then we do go to a regular four-s maintenance shop in thIs store maintenance, although cheap, they had many of the problems are, fake, are used fake, hIs Car Is often a series of problems, so that the need to take Care of, then we must go to a regular four-s shop to do, because there’s a strong professional people.

The friends say that they just oil there Is a problem, in the four s store oil to be false, of course, not just the oil Is false, and some Maybe people encountered the same situation, perhaps, other things need to maintain a situation of counterfeit goods are likely to occur in less formal four s store, so that the vast number of consumers must be seriously and Carefully look, if you really do not understand the contents of thIs area, it Is recommended that everyone must go to regular four-s own Car maintenance shop. It can be said, no matter how much of their own money to spend, as long as hIs Car all right, then it can be, and what anyone who Is a good benefit to hIs Car, then? So do not spend so much money to lose, of course, if they spent the money to get a fake, it Is certainly a big loss.

So when the general went to 4s shops to go to her new Car warranty relatively cost-effective, but there are many problems 4s shop. And then decide after Careful observation. Be Careful of tricky accidentally inside you Will be fooled!