Car Care must go to 4s shops do? After reading these, make a decIsion too late!

Now more and more young people tend to buy a Car, as their Car, in their emphasIs on their appearance, so they maintenance of the Car Is paid special attention to the extent of Car Care without pressure , first of all, let’s talk about the topic of Car maintenance, Car maintenance must go to 4s shops do? After reading these, make a decIsion too late! In general, the new Car has its first new Car insurance, Car time, manufacturers usually provide a vehicle of the approximate time of the first insurance or the number of kilometers, for the first vehicle insurance I’m here to do a simple reminder, we should have the first insurance for the Car correct understanding Car insurance first time to mention Cars are considered in accordance with the date, time and mileage it has two indicators, see whichever comes first, whichever comes first.

4s shop, Car maintenance costs too much, Is the question many people are concerned, 4s price you actually have some one fell swoop, it first of all vehicle maintenance status of the industry Is a monopoly, and secondly, he took on the accessories Is the original manufacturer of accessories, thIs Is a great temptation for owners, general store than a by-product, of course, the original product more attractive , and general store prices low to attract large number of customers, but the general byproduct parts for vehicle maintenance in fact, not everyone thought it would be useless, as long as through the quality inspection of qualified products, in fact, the gap between them Is small, so you do not have too tangled on the Issue.

have seen such a statement, said that now the 4S shop selling Cars less and less money, but they mainly rely on to make money? Is maintenance! And perhaps exaggerated but still reflect some of the facts, I believe many people have had the money pit of 4S shop experience it, there Is the small problems, overhaul. Consumers have reflected a lot, the Car Is obviously point out glitches, 4S shop said, I want to change thIs change that, a series of down and paid for, you do not know what the reasoning went.

Under the premIse of what Is best to go 4S shop? Personal recommendations, not a new Car during the warranty period, in case of any problems’d better go 4S shop, Automotive product quality problems can be free repair, replacement and return, replacement and return Is not considered suchThing, I hope every consumer should never encountered such a situation, once the Car out of the warranty period, I do not recommend you absolutely must go to 4S shop, especially routine maintenance, unless you have a Car like the 6 years or 150,000 km free maintenance policy so long, and Why, at thIs stage of the domestic 4S shop still exIst such problems, the most common Is to reflect the high cost and excessive maintenance.