Car Care Know? 2020 latest! Come in to talk

The man once if the Car ah, like raIsing a son, every day and add a little oil to it, be it from time to time to repair, maintenance again a chance, what make a Car wash wax , which cost down Is really no where to go low.

Speaking of which Car maintenance, many drivers have had something to say. Had just bought a new Car when I believe should be no less Bluff, driving a long time, drivers are also summarized a set of maintenance methods, let us together look!

routine maintenance

I believe a lot of time, we Will have a question, Why the maintenance of your Car, the Car, the faster it bad.

In fact, the usual Car maintenance Is important because it Will directly linked to the life of the vehicle and Car safety.

less common vehicles, Cars are not easy to see what Is the problem; improper Car maintenance or pay attention to maintenance, it might be the driver and passengers with to many security rIsks.

how to do paint chips

the appearance of fine light traces out the paint. Many people do not Care, just like thIs make up a thing like paint, but I wonder if thIs really Is a touch-up painting a major problem. Even the appearance of light, there are several small scratches, can not blind himself up.

bumper strips up painting and ultimately,

If it Is more serious scratches appear, then you go to the repair shop to find a professional touch-up painting master to do to your Car repair. The reason, after all addition of several plastic Car exterior (bumper, mirror, wheel arch, etc.) Will not rust after presentation scratches, scratches remaining metal parts once the presentation Will be rendered corrosion not dIsposed, but also try not to let up painting master complement the color difference in the touch-up painting, in order to avoid unsightly patches appear.

but absolutely Careful painting, after all, take place once the color of the Car Is concerned, but dIsfigured. Here to remind you, change color spray paint film plays less than the effect, which may be the original paint Is notThe vertical phase, various colors, the better.

new and old are different

If your vehicle Is a new Car, then the Car might be a whole film, in addition to effective guardian of paint, but also can play a role in blocking bird droppings, dust, water stains;

if you are old models, then I here I suggest you give your old man to be sealed glaze or coating, barrier effect of thIs approach, of course, Mo could have a good film, but also can play a role in the inevitable barrier, guard your Car.