Car care Is needed, and these car maintenance mode, all the voice of experience

in everyday Cars during running, each component Will have a larger or smaller or loss. If not timely inspection and maintenance of these losses, it Will result in very serious trouble to the Car. Therefore, the Car needs regular maintenance. How should we maintain the Car? Let’s take a look.

how routine maintenance of the Car?

1, before starting the Car, move the power to open the door, do not direct the Car to start. When the electric door open when the vehicle Is usually operated a self-test. It Will see all the indicator lights together, then 11 off after the self-test, and then you can start the whole process. Usually wait about 3 seconds.

2, brakes should be checked regularly. Front brake pads should be checked at 30,000 km. After the brake pads should be checked at about 60,000 km. If the situation Is very serious wear and tear, it should be replaced.

3, the tire should be replaced to complete a crossing at 30,000 km, Is to replace the so-called cross replaced rear wheel, the rear wheels are. ThIs Will extend the life of the tire.

These are some of the daily life for the Car’s maintenance, let’s look at the daily life, the Car needs some checks since several aspects of.

1, where each day to check: every day to develop the habit of looking around before driving, vIsual inspection of the vehicle body to check for damage or loss of the tire gas. After driving, observe the instrument panel Is faulty lights, and see if there Is the presence of oil on the vehicle. These vehicles to detect problems and avoid major problems encountered during driving.

2 a week to check these places: once a week to check tire pressure oil and the engine compartment. Check oil comprIsing oil, brake fluid, transmIssion oil, steering oil and coolant, and water glass. Meanwhile, a week Is best for their Car to conduct a clean Car.

3,Monthly need to check the place: because the bulbs are fragile parts, and therefore should be inspected at least once a month Car lighting function, tire wear, clean the tank and air conditioner condenser surface to prevent damage. Check tires bloating, abnormal wear, tire aging, large scratches and so on. Also note that check Car chassIs, engine surface whether there are traces of oil, in order to eliminate oil spills.

4 every six months to check the place: the engine compartment can be cleaned once every six months, check the engine wear belts, tire replacement position, change the oil, oil grid, check air cells, air conditioning grid, are generally the Car must maintain every six months.

5, a fuel oil plus two boxes Po: Po with a clean fuel engine deposits, enhance vehicle engine power, cleaning catalytic converters to reduce the amount of fuel so as to achieve the effect of increasing the mileage.

6, engine deposits clean, cleaning catalytic converters, oh yes, one can refer to the.

The above Is for routine vehicle maintenance, vehicle maintenance and the method of presentation in everyday life, we want to help.