Car Care Considerations

last week, just give me a little love (po) did Car maintenance, record and summarize it, we want to recruit help.

Maintenance cycle: maintenance cycle depends on the grade of oil, with a level. Different grades of oil, their validity Is very different. For example: Valid mineral oil Is 5000 km or three months, valid semi-synthetic oil Is 7500 km or six months; valid fully synthetic motor oil Is 10,000 km or one year. You may also prevail in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. I usually 10,000 km maintenance time.

maintenance projects: the entire vehicle inspection, basic maintenance, depth maintenance

1, the entire vehicle check: Maintenance Master Will check under the whole Car, you Will be asked if there Is a problem or need depth to do maintenance. For example, thIs time my glass of water, no water, the master said it might be broken glass hydro machine, and finally check out the motor not bad, but the problem of insurance. The entire vehicle inspection items include the following:

(1) Light Check

(2) pentaoleate two water check (oil, machine oil, transmIssion oil, the direction of oil, gas, coolant, water, rain, Ltd.)

(3) check the chassIs

(4) within the nacelle check the

2, basic Car Care:

the basIs of vehicle maintenance Is always doing small maintenance, including oil change, oil filter clean, air filter, air filter, fuel filter, these are my Car to do the maintenance of the project.

3, depth maintenance:

After the whole Car checked, then the depth of maintenance, must again Carried out after checking the whole Car!

depth maintenance Car to solve the problem, there often do replace the spark plug, the replacement brake pads brake oil, transmIssion oil replacement, replacement of the shock absorber, replace the fuel cell, each class-based primer cleaning, protection projects, a variety of off-free clean class. These are the most likely to be pitPlace, because most people do not know when to change, and maintenance instructors are usually recommended to make change or clean, so I made a reference about what form the next time the need to replace

Finally, when maintenance Is watching them try to repair, maintenance of knowledge on when to learn, after the completion of maintenance to remain good maintenance details single, can make a reference for their future maintenance, Ye Hao after evidence of a problem.

Note: Remember to take pictures to remember the current before maintenance Is the number of kilometers, it can be prevented Is not clear when the next maintenance Is the number of kilometers.