Car Care – Cleaning oil

refers to the internal oil passage of the engine, running routes oil through the oil pump.

fuel oil, also known as the fuel system, the conduit means between the vehicle fuel tank to the engine from the combustion chamber.

comprIsing a fuel oil: oil filter, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator valve, fuel pipes, fuel injectors and the like.

Function of oil in the engine operation

1. The oil pump pumped inside the tank conduit holding 2.5 kg pressure.

2. Oil pump and the fuel filter in the middle of the fuel pressure regulator, functions as a filter function, harmful particles in the filtered oil and water.

3. The fuel pressure regulator adjusting the fuel pressure in the oil passage, to ensure stable fuel pressure through the nozzle.

The cleaning reasons vehicle oil

after the fuel system working for some time, formed by the combustion of coke and gum adheres to the dIscharge the nozzle, the nozzle clogging even sticking phenomenon.

the air, impurities in the gasoline and dust, also resulting in poor oil or blockage, and ultimately the formation of Carbon deposits (valves, combustion chamber on the nozzle, the intake pipe Will form Carbon deposits, but referred to herein only for Carbon deposits on the injector).

determines how the oil passage to be cleaned

unwashed long nozzle, if not too long cleaning oil, coke and sediment Will plug the nozzle needle, the valve hole, the injection system affects the performance of precIsion parts, resulting in poor fuel injection, poor atomization, even injection. Resulting in the Car idle instability, increased fuel consumption, speed up the weak, the result of start-up difficulties and so on.

The cleaning frequency passage

Is a cleaning passageItems essential maintenance projects, but not always have to do the maintenance. Some owners do not Care, do not feel clean with oil, never wash oil. Some owners also, simply lIsten to some profit-repair shop, cleaned frequently.

appears to be very good, in fact, completely unnecessary, not only unnecessary, since the cleaning agent contains a large number of chemical components, too frequent washing can also lead to decreased efficiency of catalytic converters , resulting in unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

oil normal cleaning frequency should be 3-4 million km / h times, and based on their driving and road conditions appropriate changes in condition, such as: city traffic congestion Will speed up the oil plug.

1, the cleaning passage

Is generally recommended vehicle oil cleaning frequency should be 3-4 million km / h times, according to the domestic oil qualitative factors to consider, the best interval Is every 20,000 km for a cleaning throttle, fuel injectors, oil. Cleaning nozzle passage included, therefore, need cleaning port, i.e., to throttle the intake valve of the engine thIs can be used for demolition cleaning method. And appropriate changes in road conditions and traffic based on their condition, such as: urban traffic congestion Will speed up TOOLING road blockage.

2, cleaning objects

working for some time in the fuel system after combustion of coke and gum formation adheres to the nozzle, so that the adhesive now even Chu Tut nozzle clogging phenomenon. The air, dust and impurities in the gasoline, oil can also cause blockage or poor, and eventually the formation of Carbon deposits on the nozzle Yuan. If too long time without cleaning oil, coke and sediment Will plug the nozzle needle, the valve hole, affect the injection precIsion performance of the system components, resulting in poor fuel injection, poor atomization, even injection. Resulting in the Car read speed instability, increased fuel consumption, accelerate weakness, difficulty starting results.

3, the cleaning method

(1) was added clean fuel directly to the fuel tank thIs Is the most simpleMethods, but the effect Is not lasting, the effect of cleaning Is not thorough. For a shorter mileage vehicles.

(2) a “playing bottle” cleaning mode “playing bottle” method can be cleaned simultaneously with the passage and the valve of the Carbon deposits, Auto repair shops are generally recommended way Will the case.

(3) throughout the entire passage directly removed, cleaned thoroughly. ThIs method Is suitable for more than 100,000 kilometers, oil plug very serious Car. Needless to say the effect Is absolutely the best, but also the longest time-consuming, requiring technical maintenance personnel Is the highest. If you usually pay more attention to love and suppression of the Car, usually no need to use thIs method. Therefore, thIs method Is a last resort move.

4, the main role of the cleaning vehicle oil

prevent clogging oil supply system to ensure the normal running, remove the oil coke, gum nozzle, spray nozzle to improve the situation, promote full combustion, reduces critical shock, knock, improve power, reduce fuel consumption, protect the engine, start the recovery, power and economy of the vehicle.

Finally, tell you some

The method of curing Automobile Fuel Oil

Cars are raIsed by third repair, seven. Weaknesses extend the cleaning cycle oil and oil of Car Care, routine maintenance Is essential.

First of all, it should go to a regular refueling stations, plus high-quality fuel.

Again, in the maintenance, be sure to pay attention to check and replace the fuel filter, fuel filter effects to enhance the