Car Care Anti-pit Guide

basically every Car maintenance Car consumers Will do, because the Car Is not only to allow maintenance of mechanical components have a good performance, more it Is to check the entire vehicle during maintenance case, in order to prevent sudden damage certain mechanical member on the road.

Although more at ease in the 4S shop maintenance, but they were always worried about being pit, because a lot of 4S shop maintenance time Will allow you to replace certain in advance accessories, for people who are not particularly understand the Car, it might turn a blind eye, but do not know it Will spend a lot of maintenance costs, but not necessarily be able to play a very good protective effect on the Car.

The following gave you the 4S shop several common “pit”! Take a look down the interest it!

1, require major maintenance


a lot of 4S stores in order to increase maintenance income, Will require the owner to Carry out maintenance in advance, such as maintenance manuals provIsions each ten thousand kilometers for maintenance, but the 4S shop Is asking for maintenance every 5,000 km, another example of the vehicle for the first time in major maintenance Is generally 20,000 km, but many 4S shops in ten thousand km time requires replace the air filter and air filter.

2, no reason to increase major maintenance projects

owners at the time of travel 4S shop for maintenance, we Will have a dedicated after-sales staff Reception while sales staff Will be on a lIst of maintenance items in the maintenance of large vehicles, apart from some general maintenance projects, 4S shop may also require the use of fuel and oil additives anti-wear agents, thereby increasing the cost of maintenance.

3, parts transfer package

Some repair plant at the time of maintenance, the worker Will old member as the new installation in your Car, they can get a lot of profit from the middle.

even replaced with your bad good, usually sensors, tires and the like.

so we CareWhen too Careful, we can take the time to take away some scrap parts, to prevent possible re-use.

4, steal oil

Such a phenomenon Is a lot to see, a lot of business owners do not pay attention to riding, stole half a liter, long-term the past Is not a small profit, which Is some Car owners to reflect their own maintenance after completion of the Car less oil, Is to be “stolen.”

There Is, you put the Car in there, and some maintenance workers Will be open to racing, which Is very common, so that maintenance of deep water.

These are the common Car maintenance 4S shop four kinds pit, the owner of the Car in the daily maintenance must know how to avoid!