Car care and maintenance to avoid the trap of those things

faced with “one foot in mind that” bad profiteers, we need to remain vigilant, do not let the Car were injured, wallet and more injured. As a person 20 years of service, I say here Is the usual repair and maintenance need to pay attention, to avoid being “slaughtered.”

First of all say, profiteers like when the new repair parts and accessories to sell. The so-called restorations are some of the main components of the waste through re-polIshed, painted as “new”, while off-site owners to change the Car, saying it was brand new parts, and finally the old owners spend money on accessories. According to some master he said, and now many Auto 4s shops have adopted similar means to making a profit, using only the restorations earned profits of around 50% -80%. For thIs, I tell you in the maintenance of vehicles regarded replaced maintenance parts taken away, not left to the Repairer any old parts. Such lack of “supply”, they naturally can not fix the pieces when the new accessories to sell.

shorten the maintenance time or mileage. ThIs Is a common technique. General models are 5000 km of oil a change, replacement Is normal within the range of 4500 km -5500 km. But some 4S store or repair shop staff tried to persuade the owners to replace oil as soon as possible. In particular when changing the oil manufacturers have specified in the specification, as long as the replacement within thIs range can be. If you want to advance, preferably within the prescribed 10% of the mileage. What, you ask Why do so? Tell you, reducing the time to dIsguIse increased maintenance frequency, they can earn money several times. Shirk, then very simple, you say you did not bring enough money. What can swipe? Sorry, thIs month I burst Card. Free? Wake up, how could there be such a good thing. If you are unsure, you can inquire, learn some routine maintenance knowledge, then profiteers can not be abused and lead.

exaggerate the problem of vehicles, sCares you, obediently pay out the money. Some poor maintenance companies bullying consumers do not understand technology, Will deliberately exaggerate the problem of vehicles, had not a serious problem in their exaggerated Will become very serious, so you feel as if there Will not repair certain security rIsk, not dare drive away. In fact, a lot of problems just need a simple adjustment screw or unscrew a few simple cleaning can be solved. Faced with such profiteers, we need to doTo leave the Car maintenance, and go to a regular repair shop repairs. Of course, more than usual look at the manual, to better understand what the basic structure of knowledge of their own vehicles, even small problems can solve yourself.

no diamond, but embrace porcelain job. Some repair shops and maintenance technology Is not complex parts such as engine, but in order to make money, but try to be brave service. Such repair parts, although at that time out of the performance Will be normal, but soon Will be broken, and even bring irreversible damage to the components. If we do not regulate the operation of some, and then lost a few parts, then security Will bring incalculable rIsks, but also Will increase because the secondary maintenance costs. So do not do repairs in the store and other important parts of the vehicle engine, when the regular maintenance depot repair, construction site have a special place in full bloom parts or appliances, can make maintenance more organized.

mIstaken identity. Shoddy, but also a repair shop time-tested trick. Many profiteers Will be in place when the regular maintenance of counterfeit goods with fake goods, a little “conscience” also Will go in front of consumers with a genuine one-off games. But these shoddy products Will not achieve the proper standard, if only to reduce the performance and service life Is fairly good, but to be a security rIsk, so pay Will not only time and money consumed. As a consumer, if replacement parts, be Careful to dIstinguIsh genuine anti-counterfeiting measures, do not let the genuine from their sight. And if the price difference Is too large, probably in shoddy, do not take any cheap.

deliberately left point defects allow owners to continue to repair the repair time. Some Auto repair shop deliberate creation of a Car failure, or leave some problems, so that owners repeatedly to repair, take the opportunity to profit. Such as when some exchange silencer cotton plug into an exhaust pipe, so that the clogging of the exhaust pipe, so that not a big accident, but often owners to repair. There are some lines that make the lights did a good lap, drove out no problem, but sometimes encounter bumps, the question arIses, you have to turn to the repair shop repair. Select integrity of the garage Is very important to maintain best fixed, do not believe in roadside shops, Car repair usually pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge, encountered problems can dial the Car manual repair phone, there are some things through their own technical staff Will be able to remotely guide investigation and resolve.

hope something I wrote, to be helpful in terms of Car repair and maintenance.