Car care and maintenance are not the same? 7 things to remember to get your vehicle in top condition

Car Care and maintenance are not the same? 7 things to remember to get your vehicle in top condition

Cars must Carry out regular vehicle maintenance to ensure reliable and safe operation of the vehicle. Reserved allow timely identify the fault at an early stage of development, reduce the fuel consumption costs, extend the life of vehicles. So you save time and money.

1. Why do we need to maintain?

Many people often ask what vehicle maintenance Is Why Is regular maintenance , which type of service , to maintain , costs how much?

Car maintenance Is a series of steps to keep the Car in good condition. ThIs Is the highest level of security, economy and reliability. Vehicle maintenance Is avoided. There Is no need to wait until the Car stopped to give him attention. Do not wait until the Car breaks down, you need timely maintenance and avoid a lot of problems.

2, when in need of repair?

The laws of physics explains the need for maintenance. During operation, the Car has been worn. When driving, the Car Will be affected by factors of moIsture and air. The machine Is in motion.

ThIs means that all components are equally frangible elements Will change. Even if you buy a brand new Car, and rarely use it to drive to a certain extent of the road, the Car Will take place that day at fault do not know.

3, type of maintenance

There are four types of maintenance: maintenance, technical maintenance first, second technical maintenance, periodic maintenance.

1, routine maintenance

Control speedometer sensor, a brake system, steering system, headlights and alarm systems. Check oil, fuel level, check the cooling fluid and the brake. Do not forget the Car needs to be cleaned on a regular basIs, and regularly clean the inside of the Car.

for the first time maintenance Is to prevent accidental damage to the vehicle may cause failure, and may damage not only the Car but also damage to the damaged environment.

The second safeguard or TO-2 and routine maintenance Is more complex than first. To maintenance and lubrication by removing the parts from the Car. Inspection and maintenance parts Is Carried out with the help of special equipment.

3, regular services Auto Transport allows you to set a specific time. ThIs service Is mandatory, at least twice a year.

4, when there Is need to do so?

The first and second regular maintenance Is recommended for manufacturing Automobile factory engineers. The frequency of required maintenance instructions in the service manual.

Cycle may be determined by the working dIstance. For example, you need to track the current state once every two years with the trip. Or in the Car after driving 15,000 km replace the annual oil and filter every 100,000 kilometers needed to replace the timing belt .

A typical task which Is fastened fastener chain fixing gasoline channel means. As a periodic maintenance, cleaning the filter of the fuel pump, fuel filter replacement purified, Carburetor cleaning member. Adjusting the fuel level in the float chamber, cleaning the crankcase ventilation system hoses, cleaner arrester.

5, Enforcement in

regulatory costs further include the replacement of the air filter Cartridge, Time and speed of thought. Monitoring the exhaust gas toxicity. Experts to replace the oil filter, engine oil, coolant.

necessary to check the front and rear brake shoes, Automobiles, and the fact that the front wheels are separated. Replacement of brake fluid, the balance of the tire, many starter cleaning, inspection brush wear and fit.

generator ring holding the contacts clean, check the air conditioning, to remove dirt and dust, and adjusting the headlight. For diesel engines and jet injection engine, the required engineering plans may be different, but the substance Is a. All maintenance work Is to determine the time problems and improve Automotive skills.

6, to maintain the value of the machine

difficult to dIscuss vehicle maintenance medium price . Each vehicle has its own spot, function, service life, operational quality. Rapid and high quality of breakage and failure are easily destroyed 2-3 million.

If the Cars with mileage exceeds 15,000 kilometers, the maintenance costs Will be higher. Replace the Korean or Japanese model Car for the first time Sharon filter maintenance standard price from 8-12 thousand dollars.

For the German-made Cars Number of Spare may be a little higher. Maintenance costs depending on the model, year, mileage, technical conditions, models.

If you have a Car, you should know the main thing – do not ever save reliable Car sex. Taking timely, not only can save you time and money, you can also extend the life of your Car. Car frequently

7, technical inspection of

drivers feel the road more confident . ThIs Car Is more prone to accidents on the road deteriorated.

Is also timely replacement tires, winter – winter and summer – summer. Car maintenance regulated by law, every vehicle owner should comply with the change of seasons change. Therefore, regular maintenance at least twice a year. (Image SourceNetwork infringement, delete)