Car Care absolutely should pay attention to these places, do not just change the oil, and regret to know later

Car Care never to pay attention to these places, do not just change the oil, and regret to know later

Now more and more people buy a Car, in fact, the life of the Car there Is a certain amount of time, so every Car use for some time must be serviced once, so as to prevent shortening the life of the Car. In real life, many Car owners to maintain all the time to change the oil even if done another glass of water, maintenance of thIs effect with almost did not do the same. Today we chat a few places when doing maintenance should be noted that, if not, then life may make the Car more and more short!

First, the first place Is the Car’s spark plugs. Automotive spark plug if something goes wrong, it Will not only cause difficulty in starting the Car ultra-high fuel consumption, but also lead to excessive Car exhaust, so may cause the Car can not pass inspection. Although the spark plug has a limited life, but because of the different types of spark plugs and driving habits of different owners, spark plug replacement time Is not the same. It Is recommended that Car owners maintain a good time for maintenance shop to check, then it needs to be replaced timely replacement. But the comparIson between some unscrupulous maintenance shop, vehicle owners would do well to learn more about some of the knowledge about the spark plug as well.

Is the second place Car shock absorber. Not only Will later extend the Car’s shock absorber problems also affect the braking dIstance Car ride comfort, there are some security rIsks make Cars, they must be repaired in time when the shock absorber problems.

The third place Is an Automobile wheel bearing. If you usually hear when driving the Car if there Is buzz friction necessary to properly check the wheel bearings if there Is a problem. If driving on the highway when they are broken into words, it could easily lead to traffic accidents.

The fourth place Is the exhaust pipe of the Car. If the Car’s chassIs Is relatively low and often travel in some of the more rugged roads, it may lead to the exhaust pipe loose in the Car when there Will be not only annoying abnormal sound, but also may shadowSound powered Cars.

Is the last place Car steering rod. If the steering rod problem Is not repaired, there Will be a great security rIsk, so the owners must pay attention to.