Car beauty Is car maintenance? Someone who tells you to go to a big difference

about the Car now, it has become a very complete industrial chain, from buying a Car to start, then we must go step by step, including Automotive routine maintenance costs, as well as on a variety of tickets, etc. , and with a high degree of prosperity of the Automotive industry, there was a Car thIs beauty industry, then what Is the Automotive beauty of it? Some people think that Car maintenance Car beauty, but someone who tells you that the difference Is go big, believe it Will be pit.

In fact, Car beauty, from the literal sense, that Is, to make up in the Car, the purpose Is to make the Car look more beautiful, from the exterior to the interior, the the entire Car to unwinding ordered again, looks more refined. For now, the market Is still quite, but it and Car maintenance There are fundamentally different, but there are similarities.

Car maintenance Is mainly the Car for inspection, to ensure that vehicle quality, safe driving, and Automotive beauty Is totally different, but their basic content or there are some similarities, to some extent, for Car maintenance, Car maintenance Will certainly help.

such as Car wash, it can be classified as vehicle maintenance range can also be understood as a more specialized type of Car Care Car wash, which Is the professional beauty. The paint Is altogether more protection, Is exactly the same. For the interior space of the process, they are also substantially identical.

However, from a practical effect in terms of vehicle maintenance Is superior Automotive beauty. Because, like some Car basic maintenance, such as oil changes, a certain replacement parts, and so do check some systems, Car Is impossible, from thIs perspective, more like a simplified version of the Car beauty vehicle maintenance can be considered their own merits it, how you see the riders it?