Car basic maintenance consIst of? Masters to detailed analysIs

[master Car: Car maintenance] a lot of people want to have a Car, but you have to face with the Car after Car maintenance. Many people think that Car maintenance Is very troublesome, in fact, not of. Today I’ll tell you which include basic Car maintenance project.

1. Oil

The importance of an Automobile engine oil phase must we all know. The role of engine oil Is to lubricate, cool, cushioning and shock absorption to reduce wear and tear, replacement of oil Is the most basic Car maintenance project. Into oil, mineral oil, synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil. Mineral oil 5000 km or replaced every 6 months; semi-synthetic oil replacement cycle Is generally about 8000-10000 kilometer; replace the synthetic oil Is generally about 10000-12000 km.

2. Three filter

Car three filter means that oil filter, air filter and air filter, replacing three filter Is also the basIs of Car maintenance projects. Machine filter Is replaced each time the oil must be replaced when its role Is to filter out impurities oil; and an air filter of the engine Is equivalent to “mask” filter air entering the engine, an air filter replacement period Is 1 year or 10,000 km, vIsual environment to adjust the Car; air filter replacement cycle for 1 year or 10,000 km, the same vIsual environment to adjust the Car.

3. transmIssion oil

Function gearbox transmIssion lubrication oil, to extend the transmIssion using life. TransmIssion oil Is generally divided into manual gearbox oil and Automatic transmIssion fluid. Manual gearbox oil in general or 60,000 km every two years to replace a; Automatic transmIssion oil Is generally replaced every 60,000 -12 million kilometers.

4. The brake fluid

Is the brake fluid to a brake system maintenance fluids, Car brake system structural reasons, a long time brake fluid Will inhale water, resulting in decreased braking force or brake failure, and therefore must be promptly replaced. General brake fluid every 40,000 km or replaced every two years.

5. Battery

battery life by daily habits affect, in general, the battery can be used more than three years. After two years should periodically check the battery voltage.

6. Tire

integral part of an Automobile tire, Is generally three years of life of the tire or 80,000 km, of course, the situation depends on the tire point of view, if by thIs time the tire tread Is not worn too much, and there Is no bulge, then you can appropriate for an extended period of time, but that Is up to about four years should be replaced, after all rubber Will age.

Master Summary: The above Is the basic Car maintenance project. As long-time good Care of hIs Car, the Car was not easy to go wrong. More Car maintenance knowledge, please pay attention to Car maintenance master channel.