Car 60,000 km major maintenance, which Is five places must be replaced, or five years of life lost are the less!

With the rapid economic and social development, the significance of the Car for our cost of living has become increasingly evident, in order to better meet the needs of work and life, so buy a Car. The vehicle maintenance naturally became an essential part of many old driver said that after the Car ran sixty thousand kilometers, five places have to be replaced, or reduce the life of the vehicle five years are less, today follow Xiaobian a look, vehicle maintenance tips now!

First of all, the Car Is three filter must be replaced, under normal circumstances Cars of kilometers to reach sixty thousand kilometers when thIs Car three filter parts replacement Is necessary, because the only way to ensure the Car’s everyday driving performance. If your Car has opened sixty thousand kilometers, but these kind of filters are not replaced, you have to hurry up, because the long run hurt the Car might be irreparable, even severe cases can cause the Car directly scrapped , so the Car filter replacement Is necessary, so Xiao Bian here to remind you must never forget that thIs may have serious consequences oh!

Next, the Car brakes and three oil vehicles need to be replaced regularly, since these portions in fact particularly important for Car safety, if these portions time too long, it Will cause a serious security rIsk, and thIs I believe that even a lot of novice drivers know, here small do not do too much introduction, the other spark plug replacement Car should also keep up with, because if your Car spark plugs used for too long, aging Will lead to Car trouble, but due to excessive engine deposits, generated largely unavoidable damage to the increase in vehicle fuel consumption, particularly likely to cause the engine scrapped, so everybody in the Car when maintenance must not ignore these Issues.

Finally, there Is a more important part Is the Car tires because tires are more important Automobile parts, and As long drive, it Will cause varying degrees of tire wear, tire and therefore face very great harm done, no more Car tires timely if after a long period of wear afterIn other words, the tire pressure may have caused varying degrees of damage. And in many hot weather Car tires ringing off the hook it Is a very common problem, so we must always remember that life of the tire while driving, and timely replacement and maintenance, so as to eliminate rIsks driving the Car itself, create a good traffic surroundings.

summary, Car maintenance Is essential, so the Car should be timely replacement of parts, or old drivers saved you can not. The timing of the Auto conservation can maintain the life of the Car, but also to ensure good driving experience, although conservation takes a certain price, but also security Issues than worth it!