Car 4S shop maintenance always been “hoodwinked”? Maintenance also have the skills, the clerk Is not to say!

Car maintenance projects to do too much, I do not know these skills? Owner: No wonder the staff do not want to do!

drove out now Is a very common thing, but many buy a Car for the average family, then it Is a very easy thing Although many people say that now brands increased. Rate competition among Car brands have increased, so that Car prices continue to decline. So buying a Car easier than ever, in fact, after we buy the Car Is still very dear, so we all got the idea has been more on vehicle maintenance. But Car maintenance Is a skill, how to avoid unnecessary maintain it?

We all know that everything we do should have a degree. Such as Car maintenance, Is the same reason. Maintenance want in place, then there may be excessive maintenance. Excessive maintenance Will only produce damage to our Cars, but fail to maintain the effect. But we went to 4s shop for maintenance when, in order to earn more profits, 4s shop does not directly tell us that maintenance Is needed moderation. First we over maintenance of the presentation of the first type, that Is, maintenance too frequently. Many people feel more maintenance, then the better, it does not. But 4s these excessive maintenance staff do not want to do. Car 4S shop maintenance always been “hoodwinked”? Maintenance also have the skills, the clerk Is not to say! Some people even thought 4s facilitate the work of the staff because, so often have their own Car maintenance, actually 4s shop because they know more expertIse than us, so they can not maintain their Cars frequently.

The first two kinds of unnecessary maintenance mode, that Is to replace our Automotive parts. Generally, we replace Automotive parts, mostly when hIs Car failed. Go to 4s shop for maintenance and inspection time, some parts indeed to their period of use, thus giving rIse to a fault that thIs time we have to be replaced. But some drivers replace their Car parts, but not because of parts and to the period of use, but Is felt in part by the relatively long time it was replaced. Sometimes it Is because the recommendation under 4s Car clerk, blind replacement. In fact, the need for moreChange myself do not know, but certainly a new one after feeling more secure.

but we need to know our part, and keep up their Cars matching Is very good to be able to achieve good results, such as new parts, put on when there Will be some run-in period. So if we do not replace the need not enter it without replacement, and we often replaced parts, it Is in the best fit with their level of Car condition. Car maintenance projects to do too much, I do not know these skills? Owner: No wonder the staff do not want to do! A third say we Care and that Is the pursuit of high-grade gasoline. When we went to the gas station to refuel the Car, we are able to see marked on various types of fuel tank, there may be some people do not know what these numbers mean, in fact, these values ​​represent the degree of anti-knock gasoline. The larger the number, the better the antiknock performance label.

so that some Car owners to improve their anti-knock properties, on the choice of high-grade gasoline. But our Car has suited to their own models. If used incorrectly, can also cause damage to the interior of our Car. Like our high-end Cars, generally used are relatively high gasoline model, after you use the lower models of gasoline, Will produce such a situation power drop, increased fuel consumption and so on. So the owners in order to avoid such a situation, would choose heightening types of gasoline. But thIs Is not necessary, and the higher the model number, it means that the higher cost of gasoline. When we refuel, just choose their own models of gasoline on it.

A fourth maintenance behavior we want to say, many owners may have such a mIsunderstanding, that Is cleaning the Car. We find that the Car wash industry in recent years become a very popular industry. ThIs Is because the increase in Car ownership led to the development of these industries. And these prices are relatively modest Car wash industry, are within the scope of the owners can afford, so their Cars if there Is not enough clean place, we Will choose to go to the Car wash.

especially for those who got a little older, the Car wash Is even more frequently, a lot of people think we should not wait until the Car shell Car wash specialDirty again when cleaning, because those dust particles Will adhere to our Car surface, even by us into the Car, if not clean, then such deposition of particulate matter, over into the interior of the Car Will be on our component damage.

but frequent washing can also cause damage to our Cars, and compared it may not be greater extent of damage to the Car wash Is a number. In particular, we go to some small roadside shop be Car wash, they are often for too little knowledge about Car maintenance, only mechanical cleaning of the Car shell. In fact, such an extent that cleaning with cleaning our own home Is not much difference, if a detergent or cleaning equipment Is not in place, then we Will scratch the shell of the Car. Washing with water, it also causes the liquid into the interior of the Car. Damage to the whole Car, think thIs Is worth the candle.

In fact, many times we have to save money, choose the Car personally at home for maintenance, but always felt inferior to 4s shop maintenance in place, but to go to 4s shops we Will encounter thIs unnecessary conservation projects, but Will spend more money. ThIs requires that we usually know more maintenance skills, then you have what kind of maintenance skills to tell you of it?

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