Big Three car maintenance do not know, do not ignore thIs part, the benefits can not think of more!

do not know the Big Three Auto maintenance, do not ignore thIs part, the benefits can not think of more!

In recent years the development of the Automotive industry Is also very fast, especially some of the domestic Car companies have already opened up their market, which to some extent as a whole pulled down price of the Car, so now buying a Car thIs time more and more. Although the Car more and more simple, but after buying the Car, the follow-up to face Is very large, such as on a regular basIs to make vehicle maintenance, insurance for Car fuel, etc., which are a not a small expenditure, in particular, to the Car to do maintenance when the maintenance needed for the project Is particularly large, usually we pay more attention to maintenance of the Car above the engine brakes and tires in these areas, but there Is a part of but often ignored that Car chassIs, thIs Is our vehicle, Will cause some damage to the Car chassIs if traveling to or potholes relatively bumpy roads, so the maintenance of the vehicle chassIs Is also very necessary, just like today to share with you how maintenance vehicle chassIs. Big Three Car maintenance do not know, do not ignore thIs part, the benefits can not think of more!

1, check the chassIs of each part of the work

ThIs Is our driving, if the Car once the fault, then there Will be some of the more obvious manifestations, such as Car chassIs if it fails when it Will emit relatively loud noIse, when we heard a huge sound emitted when you need to check the Car’s steering degree of flexibility, if there has been a brake invalid, or Issued some of the more strident voices, etc. these are the needs that we can put the Car to a repair shop or 4s shop for the associated maintenance, if no attention continues travel case, but also a serious threat to our lives.

2, regular cleaning vehicle chassIs

If you experience some rain and snow when the ground Will change relatively slippery, the process of moving among the Cars, some of the vehicle chassIs above also contaminated sediment, the sediment contaminates vehicle chassIs member rotatable system, but also make various chassIsIncrease friction between parts, so it Will accelerate the loss of parts, to some extent, can also affect the normal life of the vehicle, especially now that environmental pollution Is very serious, the rain water which also contains some acidic ingredients, if James to the Car chassIs on top of it, it Will be Carried out in these parts corrode, so we must develop the habit of regularly cleaning the Car chassIs, so as to prevent rusting chassIs phenomenon.

3, chassIs armor

ThIs Is what we encountered while driving a few less good roads, or there are potholes, Will likely knock to the Car chassIs, in order to better protect the Car chassIs, we can be coated with a special elastic material to the vehicle chassIs above the gum, thIs material can also be the vehicle chassIs completely wrapped up, wait until after solidification Will form a layer on top of a very special protective layer, but also to prevent rusting chassIs, even hit some rocks, then there Will not be any significant mark, which must also be able to extend the life of the vehicle chassIs extent.

4, paint protection film

If you had some rain the weather when the rain among the acidic substances are also Will corrode the vehicle chassIs, in particular, went to some of the road Is not very good, especially bumpy road, it Will cause great damage to the special vehicle chassIs, thIs time we can choose to 4s shops or roadside repair shop for Cars specialized chassIs chassIs rust treatment, the top layer of the protective film Is sprayed, so it Is possible to reduce the damage caused by the impact on the vehicle chassIs, it Is possible to prevent rainwater from among the corrosive acidic substance chassIs of the vehicle, but now some of the more upscale Cars, two-sided galvanized steel are used in the above, there Is no need to spray additional protective film of.