Big and small car maintenance maintenance What Is the difference? LIsten to a maintenance master analysIs, regret not knew

Large Car maintenance and small maintenance What Is the difference? LIsten to a maintenance master analysIs, regret not knew

Car and trying to maintain the word Is not strange because the Car drove on for some time have to go, repair shop for maintenance, so you can extend the life of the Car, but also to avoid some failures, but in fact Is also divided into a variety of maintenance, such as maintenance of small, medium and maintenance, major maintenance, knowledge of which of these you know? LIsten to a maintenance master analysIs, regret not knew, you want more money, then quickly learn.

First, small maintenance. When you open the Car for some time after, that various functions or run more normal, bad situation does not appear to be appropriate to do some small maintenance, so you can achieve the effect of the protective function of the Car, but also to avoid serious, failure to spend more money on maintenance in the future, while allowing the Car has been maintained peak of the state, improve vehicle performance, the proper way to take Care of small, that Is, with five thousand kilometers to 10,000 kilometers, when maintenance time Is the best aspect Is mainly oil and filter change.

Second, in the maintenance. The need to maintain more than 20,000 km of driving in the Car when the maintenance time, the maintenance of major projects including, oil filter and throttle four children, because for a long time traveling in the Car, on the road, plus the now more serious environmental pollution, easily lead to dust, reducing engine power and the life of the Car, so when performing maintenance of these items, you can achieve the effect of cleaning up the Car, but also allows people to drive in a relatively clean environment, reducing the growth of bacteria, avoid dIsease.

Third, major maintenance. ThIs includes the contents of the small maintenance of way maintenance, and secondly, plus some other projects, such as exchange of four oil also check the three-liquid and wearing parts, maintenance you want to take thIs way, they can exercIse by themselves kilometers judgment, the best dIstance Is 60,000 to 80,000 km, but when Carried out major maintenance, must be long in acting, because there are a lot of businesses Will give you a random replacement of some partsChildren, in fact, during these maintenance time, especially for the domestic Car, there Is no need to replace a lot of parts, just a simple check can, for example, clutch plates, fuel filter children, life Is very long.

Through the above description, hoping to help some of my friends Car, do not let yourself spend time and money, should maintenance of the Car depending on the circumstances, you can spend the least money, get the maximum benefits.