Beware of car maintenance, hear the teacher say thIs, do not want slaughtered, then the best and walked away!

vehicle maintenance to be Careful, to hear the master say thIs, do not want slaughtered, then the best and walked away!

As the saying goes, then, a Car Is by “raIsing seven third repair” out, we can see the Car for the maintenance of a Car Is of importance, but now increasing the number of Cars around the Car a number of related services also has increased significantly, coupled with the recent time there less than a month Will the New Year, so that the choice of vehicle maintenance Is no longer a small number of people, however, some people like some of the same Car prices, feel solid two would dare to make Cars and Car maintenance, and their purpose of doing so Is quite simply unconscionable to earn more money.

In fact, Car maintenance that simple and simple, that Is difficult Is difficult, simply to be able to have our own maintenance, but the rub for some of the Car maintenance details can not be handled well, although we are now going maintenance once the vehicle can not spend some money, but that Is their hard-earned, and maintenance may not be if some money, but the quality of Care for a Car to said to be very important, perhaps, because the maintenance of the master in order to earn more money and use inferior parts or oil, then we might bring some irreversible damage, I am afraid that time Is not a few hundred dollars less simple.

Therefore, the maintenance of the Car when we still need long in mind, especially when we hear the master said these words, do not want to slaughtered on quickly walked away, but when the Car engine as the core Automotive accessories, naturally, the most important Is the maintenance of a ring, and an oil change Is an important process of a maintenance engine, thIs time we must be clear the master know whether to take the Car oil and oil we need consIstent, and there Is no need to save money on oil, may now save money Is something wrong when we cry … the future of the Automotive engine tears.

Automobile major maintenance under normal circumstances Is the need to change the oil, but sometimes we may just to replace the brakes oil or whatever oil, and these the price of things they are more transparent and cheaper maintenance master wanted to make more money basically give us a look at the oil andDi Liu dipstick tell us that you think you are black oil, need to be replaced, hear these words when we’d walked away, otherwIse they Will kill you, because we have the Car to replace the oil cycle in how the owners should ask about the condition or situation it Is the use of oil, and pour oil into the engine, the engine as long as the work, the oil Will be black, thIs Is not determined by the quality of the oil, and the reason Why he said so nothing more than to try to fool about.

In fact, when our Car’s oil Is really bad or if there are other problems, then certainly we Will react to the Car above, such as vehicles weakness, speed slow, engine noIse becomes large and so the situation Is likely to be caused by oil deterioration, so that, no matter what should long in mind.