Automotive Aftermarket telling the truth! Which kind of car maintenance must be done? Which of the following Is to be fooled!

Tip: thIs article today Is long and “dry”, the text may produce a sense of fatigue!

Car thIs thing 10 years ago was “the rich” and “toy”, but now with improving our quality of life, our Car has been integrated into people’s lives. The Car can not speak, no feelings, but we have feelings for each one to accompany us through the wind and rain have given the feeling of the Car, it may witness your “wonderful life”!

and everyone today to sort out where we should pay attention to the Car and when to change what parts? How long to change? How to change?

considered our people’s Car manual now! Note the following points, we Will get the Car in good condition, the service life Will be extended! (Of course, I am here to say Is that people vehicles, if the hand Is not bad money, buy a Car just a consumer and enjoy let’s not look down)

First of all, if your Car was bought still in the warranty period, thIs time personally recommend that you go to 4S shop to do the appropriate maintenance. A friend would say, Is too expensive to do maintenance in the 4S shop! In fact, 4S shop maintenance and outside professional maintenance shop price difference Is not great, you feel more money Is basically what have you done “no need” maintenance projects.

Remember, you only need to go to 4S shop maintenance Car do you use pointed out the manual project, let’s clean what other pipelines can not do it, it recommended the project as we eat “tonic”, as you do not eat the living dead!

Why do you recommend a new Car in the 4S shop maintenance of it, because although the Car “three guarantees” have maintained our consumer rights, but the actual Is often not what we thought it would be simple, otherwIse there Will not be so much “xx Car brand ….. also my hard-earned money,” the News.

the relevant warranty provided by the vehicles our Car can do maintenance in a professional body outside, if problems in the warranty period Is to provide warranty, but you have to provide your Care outside evidence (invoice settlement, product certification, enterprIse standards, the completion of the single, etc.), then you have maintenance done outside to do these things?

95% of the friend Is not conscious of thIs, then you can not provide proof, 4S shop “reason”, said: “You’re out of the Car because no formal shop do maintenance, use and what products can not provide proof of failure, so we can not give you a guarantee. “

in accordance with the provIsions of in terms of the status quo, Car warranty for our final interpretation consumers are “pale”, as people may be far greater than the cost of rights of the value of your Car!

said so much just to say, a new Car to the 4S shop to do maintenance, the only item on the Maintenance Manual, other recommended not to do, basically you can not How many!

If the Car has been a warranty, or have enough confidence in the quality of their products the Car, not out of any sense of the big problems late warranty dIsputes that let’s follow the maintenance cycle can make the appropriate maintenance and post-use!


ThIs Is the most conventional Automobile maintenance project Is, of course, Is going to one of the most . According fully synthetic engine oil quality Is now normal domestic sources, the violence Is not the case if you drive: Is replaced every 10,000 km no problem.

oil filter

Replace the oil change along

Air filter, air filter

each time the maintenance and inspection, contamination Is not serious may continue to be used with an air gun to remove dust; generally replaced every two maintenance


Normal coolant we recommend replacement 30,000 km, because the average coolant “bad”, and after the deterioration Will occur with our circulation tank in contact with air cause harm, leaking water tanks and water storage tanks are blocked because there Is no timely and correct change the coolant caused. If you use water cooling fluid, although manufacturers say can be 800,000 kilometers does not change, but the reality Is recommended to use the environment to replace about 100,000 kilometers.

Myth: If you tap water or mineral water as the emergency coolant to use, pour point and the boiling point of the coolant occurs after mixing and changing the water, accelerated deterioration of the cooling liquid; different brands admixed coolant Is not recommended, although generally all the same ingredients, but in the content of the additive Is not like, after mixing the same accelerated deterioration of the coolant. (Some of my friends would say, my Car coolant mix plus so many years without any problems can only tell you:! Not directly related to smoking and cancer, but cancer patients, patients with smoking habits of the majority)

Therefore, when the cooling fluid change, as far as possible before the coolant dIscharge clean, before adding a new coolant; if before you have a mix of water added, the northern friends suggest you promptly replaced, or you could put the cracking and leaking water tank!

brake fluid, power steering oil

If both oil and water Is not a special case, every four or six ten thousand kilometers a suitable replacement.

transmIssion oil


Unlike transmIssion fluid as oil change intervals less frequently, because the gearbox use of the environment working environment than the engine oil of a lot better. Manual gearbox oil generally can be considered to replace 60,000 km, Automatic transmIssion oil Is generally 80,000 km replacement.

In fact, thereMany Automatic Car in the open to around 80,000 km, feel the Car upshifts and downshifts are not positive enough, and it Is mostly your transmIssion fluid that changed.

There are many manufacturers launched the “maintenance-free” Automatic transmIssion, manufacturers Will tell you: “My Car’s gearbox Is maintenance-free life , do not change the gearbox oil. ”

ThIs statement Is not absolutely wrong, these so-called maintenance-free gearbox in a particular state, under certain circumstances indeed do not have to be open to scrap an oil change, but the phrase “specific environment and state “Is very interesting! Like a Car’s fuel consumption and the MinIstry of Industry as “fly”!

Therefore, thIs type of so-called maintenance-free Automatic transmIssion you have to regular inspection and maintenance, if the transmIssion shift feel Is not normal, it Is likely that your fluid replacement . In general, maintenance-free under normal driving circumstances Automatic transmIssion can be replaced in about 100,000 kilometers!

fuel filter

external fuel filter Is generally replaced every 30,000 km; built fuel filter and fuel pump are generally mounted together, when removal and replacement Is very troublesome, usually about 60,000 may consider replacing. Of course, if you add fuel quality Is not up to that replacement cycle should be Carried out in advance. (A friend of mine would say: “I drove up 100,000 kilometers only for the fuel filter no problem.” I can only say: “Many of my friends smoked cigarettes for a lifetime did not have lung cancer”)

conventional oil and to maintain the above things, the following terms are wearing parts problems or consumable


first, a rubber tire, with the passage of time, if not in contact with the ground Will cause friction Is also aging. But under normal circumstances, who would not buy a Car back to open it, often we must note Is ahead of the tire wear limit.

on top of each tire wear limit Will have their own identity, if you have worn to the limit position Will promptly replaced. Of course, some tire wear to the limit but has not appeared in drum kits, severely chapped and other irregularities, but also timely replacement.

There are a lot of “retreaded tires” on the market, everyone in the choice of tires still have to choose the regular manufacturers and sales channels, and retreaded tires in life safety aspects are difficult to be guaranteed.

brake pads and brake dIscs

ThIs check every time maintenance, be replaced if worn to serious ! (There Is a brake pad wear logo) on the senses if you hit the brakes in time to feel the obvious “to become soft cotton, brake specific growth”, you can check brake wear Is not serious needs to be replaced.

The spark plug

Depending on the material used for the spark plug replacement period Is also different, each maintenance can split the spark plug down to check, i.e. replacement needs to be replaced; small ships hundreds of dollars a 30,000 km of ordinary spark plug can be replaced.

belt (drive belt)

For example, timing belt, the belt of the engine generator and the like, which are It Will be aging, regular checks. If found to have significant loose, cracking, abrasion, fluff and other phenomena, the need for timely replacement; generally speaking fifty thousand kilometers the Car should focus on examination of these belts, namely the need to replace the replacement.

or more for most of the project Is to adapt the Car home, but also be specific treatment for different brands and models of some of the projects

thIs one just as we often hear of beauty advertIsing “spots divide divide and conquer”! Of course, weDo not dIscuss thIs, we need to know what the Car “common problem”, the family have any “genetic dIsease”!

For example: Volkswagen Car Will burn some oil, oil leakage; the first EA888 timing chain stretched Issues such as the second generation, which we usually when maintenance should be Carried out for inspection, if we are to find a strange deal, otherwIse rIsk Is still very large. For example, chain elongation occurs hopout bending light engine valve, and then pull the cylinder Audi.

Well, thIs article today Is long and “dry”, I remember reading the rest your eyes Oh!

If you have a Car to help, then you thumbs up, forward, plus attention to it! We have more Cars, used Cars dry!

wIsh: a happy Car!