Automobile major maintenance projects What? Car owners must see!

Car maintenance Is a very important job, if not to the maintenance time and maintenance, the Car Is likely to be sowing the seeds, so the maintenance of the Car Is particularly important. Xiaohui today to talk about Car maintenance.

vehicle maintenance maintenance large and small maintenance of the points, a small maintenance refers to the routine maintenance items specified time or mileage manufacturers do, the purpose Is to protect the Car’s performance. Small maintenance, including oil changes, oil filters. Each Cartridge filter dust in the air play, the role of impurities in the gasoline. If the oil filter to use to reach the time limit if not replaced, Will adversely affect engine performance.

Car 60,000 km major maintenance Is generally done once a major maintenance project contains a little more than Is necessary, and should change the whole Car oil, brake oil, boost oil, transmIssion fluid, antifreeze. Specifically includes the following:

1 brake oil

Brake oil recommendations about 40,000 km replacement of brake oil. Of course, according to different individual condition, the corresponding replacement cycle time or shorter. If the brake oil use for a long time does not change, it Is easy to influence the braking effect.

2. The power steering oil

Automobile manufacturers generally not critical predetermined steering assIst oil change intervals. Most Car maintenance shop Will refer to other industry services company, learn to complement each other. There Is also a fairly standard business Will make reference to foreign Car companies Car maintenance requirements, combined with our current road conditions, air quality and use of personnel of technology and other factors make reasonable provIsions. It recommends that, in order to prevent power steering oil Is too dirty or bad, 2 years or 3 million meters to replace a power steering oil.

3. The air cleaner

The air cleaner can be reduced properly installed cylinder, pIston and pIston rings wear parts. Hui-Car service to remind you: general cleaning once every travel 5000 kilometers, each driving 10,000 kilometers have to replace the air filter.

4 regularly (30,000 km) cooling network maintenance tank.

5, regular (or driving 40,000 kilometers), the replacement of the spark plug.

For driving safety, tires, brakes, transmIssion, these safety components or to Carefully check, and wheel alignment to do it to do, oh. Hui-Car service Reminder of your Car maintenance must be done, but must be understood prior to maintenance, and do not spend money wasted.