Automobile major maintenance and maintenance of small difference! How many kilometers are done once?

Car maintenance once about how much money, and today we talk about how much money a Car maintenance, Car maintenance in the usual time what are the basic items, large and small maintenance maintenance Is there any difference, like a friend come with me to look at it.

ThIs according to the oil you use may be, ordinary oil six months or 5000 km maintenance time, a maintenance price 4S shop Is in the 400-800’s room, outside maintenance Is between 200-400, using the top of the oil can be a year or 10,000 km maintenance once, 4S shop price Is probably between 1200-2500, outside maintenance cost Will be around 600 to 1500.

generally said maintenance, mainly periodically replace the oil filter, air filter, air filter, fuel filter and change the coolant, brake oil , power steering oil, as well as tires, brakes ……, 4S and the vehicle in accordance with a predetermined program engine, chassIs, suspension, cooling system, and so do the tire inspection and maintenance work, and found that the problem can be timely adjustments repair to ensure the normal running of the vehicle.

each manufacturer Will recommend the maintenance schedule and maintenance intervals based on vehicle technology, configuration, etc., most European and American Cars oil changes and other maintenance cycle for the 7500-15000 km, Japanese and Korean Cars Is 5000 km. Maintenance costs, have a great relationship with the luxury degree (grade) of the vehicle, even conventional oil filter change maintenance, only 1,200 yuan cheaper, expensive to 2,3000 yuan; If you encounter cycles plus change air filter, replace the brake oil, 5,600 cheap, expensive 6,7000 yuan.

routine maintenance items: Maintenance of oil and oil filter replacement Is done primarily for the lubrication system. Primary role Is to lubricate the various components of the system of an Automobile engine for effective lubrication to prevent excessive wear. Oil filter function to remove various impurities in the oil to ensure normal, oil filter and engine lubrication system should be at oil changeOil replaced together. Under normal circumstances would need to be maintained once the vehicle Is traveling every 5000KM.

Function air filter Is to be filtered air into the cylinder prior to its removing entrained dirt, dust, grit and other foreign matter therein. Ambient air filter cleaning during maintenance may be. Fuel filter Is generally replaced when traveling to 20000-25000KM. The spark plug genus consumable items, changed every 20000KM. Further, brake fluid, transmIssion oil, battery, throttle, fuel injectors, brake pads and other components, when the fall detection routine maintenance items, depending on use for maintenance and repair.

10,000 km of small maintenance Is the oil filter and oil filter: filters, air filter, gas filter, 20,000 km mediator, major maintenance once every 40,000 kilometers. 20,000 km maintenance Carried out oil, replace filter, air filter and air filter, as well as some of the routine inspection, air filter: air filter Is installed correctly can reduce the wear of the cylinder, pIston and pIston rings and other parts. (Generally cleaned once every travel 5000 kilometers, each driving 10,000 kilometers have to replace the air filter).

Great Care and based on a small maintenance, replacement Care products except oil and oil filter, air filter and increasing the fuel filter. These two functions are filtered in the air filter dust, impurities in the gasoline effect. The normal operation of the engine, based on a variety of skin Care products on fair use. After use the oil filter reaches the time limit if not replaced, it Will adversely affect engine performance.

Great Care and long maintenance time 1, using the appropriate grade oil regularly (every 5,000 km) replacement of oil and filter; 2, often the air cleaner maintenance and periodic (every 20,000 km) replacement; 3, regular cleaning of the fuel system on a regular basIs (every 30,000 km) replace the fuel filter; 4, periodically (30,000 km) cooling network maintenance tank; 5, regular (4 million metricOr in driving situations) replace the spark plug.