As owners of these cars daily maintenance you need to know!

With the increasing popularity of Cars, Auto 4S shop has bid farewell to many years by the profit cycle of survival. In order to complete sales, a lot of Cars are low-cost and even the cost price to sell, expect thIs one to make a profit after-sales service. So, there are Car after Car maintenance knowledge to grasp Is very important, as well as ground maintenance for your Car, you can extend the life and reduce the incidence of failure, more conducive to our safe travel.

First, vehicle maintenance fluid replacement

oil, machine filter maintenance: under normal circumstances Is 5000 km or six months to replace oil, whichever occurs first. Check conditioned cell, an air cell, these machines have to replace the filter when changing the oil. Brake fluid: brake fluid i.e., braking Is indIspensable component, Is mainly to transfer energy, heat, corrosion and rust and lubrication. Under normal use, the proposed 2 years or 40,000 km replacement, for the average Car, the choice DOT4 brake fluid level can be.

Antifreeze: i.e. antifreeze coolant, antifreeze and mainly cooling function. Vehicle assembly at the factory are long-acting antifreeze, can be used up to or even more than 10 years more than 100,000 km, under normal circumstances, you do not Care how, unless antifreeze see precipitation occurs, floc.

Second, maintenance of Car tires

The tire undervoltage and overvoltage It Will not cause tire wear, shorten tire life, increase fuel consumption Will even increase the chance of a puncture. Check the tire pressure once a month Is recommended to ensure proper degree of tread wear, tire pressure, as the case back tire choice. General Tire qi price of 30 yuan, the price depending on the region and the different models fluctuate. The tire opposed to higher prices, because it involves wheel alignment, general price between 200-400.

Third, the replacement of parts subject to wear Car

plug of the engine consumable metal member, each of 20000KM replacement. Further, brake fluid, transmIssion oil, battery, throttle, fuel injectors, brake pads and other components, when the fall detection routine maintenance items, depending on use for maintenance and repair, with the fuel filter Is generally 20000- replace if 25000KM, in addition batteries, also known as battery life Is usually 2 – 3 years. In many cases, if your vehicle ignition feel strenuous, then we should pay attention to check the look of a battery maintenance