After the significant increase in fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance, which Is Why? Repairman tell the truth

Now the Car into the household, you become an indIspensable daily travel in vehicles, advent of the Automobile brought us a lot of convenience, many Car owners can be expressed headache. Hard to say that buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car, after buying the Car, in addition to the routine of fuel, Car wash, Car maintenance also needs to be done on a regular basIs, as well as annual checks.

The purpose Is to allow vehicle maintenance and spare parts in the Car increases life, sometimes clean up Carbon deposits in the engine Car, because the product in the Car after Carbon increased, decreased engine performance, increased fuel consumption happens, after the clean-up Will naturally reduce vehicle fuel consumption, some owners may find that their Car after maintenance, power Is not turned strong, fuel consumption also increased, and thIs Is Why? Cause

ThIs occurs roughly classified into these types, a first, oil for Cars, Car Care when replacing the engine oil usually, and before adding new oil, the Car Will inevitably be some residual used oil, if the new oil and old oil mingled with it Will have an impact on the quality and consIstency of the new oil, thereby increasing the resIstance of the engine, fuel consumption rIses.

The second reason Is because the Automotive spark plug, the spark plug Is also a consumable item, the need for regular replacement, replace the spark plug at the time of maintenance, if the repairman not installed, the situation Will result in increased fuel consumption, and engine ignition Will produce serious difficulties, jitter, flame and other Issues.

Comments: The Car Is a complex machine, the interior of many of the component parts, if you find some wrong with the Car, as soon as ten million steam check the repair shop repair, and must not leave things to chance, if it Is causing a traffic accident on the road more harm than good, after all, life safety Is the first one. The Car I have not had thIs happen?