After the car maintenance would be more fuel? These points must be wrong, look

As our standard of living Is getting better, almost every household has its own private Car, and now people are constantly improve the pursuit, for Car maintenance, but many people do not understand when it comes to Car maintenance, Car Is a very large complex machines, each running in mechanical parts Will inevitably wear. But recently, many owners of friends in a small series with the question, said hIs Car after maintenance, fuel consumption has not decreased, but increased, stands to reason that vehicle performance Will be improved after the maintenance, particularly in the replacement after the spark plug, changed for the better engine combustion, fuel consumption should decline fIshes, now increased rather than decreased fuel consumption, what Is Why?

after maintenance fuel consumption rIse, not fall, there Is definitely a problem, exclude interference habits and driving behavior changes (such as the throttle hard acceleration, idling more, high gear, etc.), may also have several internal, the other external reasons, Will result in increased fuel consumption grimace Car appear after maintenance. The first reason: adding too much oil, we have vehicle maintenance, the general Will of engine oil replacement. If we added too much oil in the engine, it Will lead to oil soaked engine crankshaft, the crankshaft Is part of an activity, it Will generate a lot of resIstance after immersion, not able to work very well, so that fuel consumption Will naturally rIse .

The second reason: when replacing the spark plug and replace their own Car may not match the spark plug, after thIs happens, we are in the Car ignition the process Will reduce the ignition point, thIs time it Is necessary to more gasoline to be supported. Play a major role spark plug ignition, it Is in the position of the combustion chamber, if the spark plug Is not installed, the combustion chamber pressure and gas leaks occur, which would lose some power, so fuel consumption Will increase.

The third reason: the original and add a different vIscosity oil, only suitable lubricating oil vIscosity in order to better Car engines. If the oil vIscosity Is too high, the higher the oil vIscosity, the greater the tack, the thicker the film Is formed, the operation of the engine Will have some resIstance, Will consume more power in the process of vehicles, the fuel also it Will be correspondingly increased.

The fourth reason: the tire pressure Is not normal, because when underinflated tire Will affect fuel consumption, when the tire when the tire pressure Is too small and ground contact area increases with greater resIstance, then the vehicle Is more naturally a waste oil.

If you see here, then, more gas-guzzling complete maintenance reasons you should know, although, to the Car to do maintenance, you can increase Car use length of time, but if maintained in the wrong way, Will result in increased fuel consumption of the Car, Car maintenance Is a major problem, if you want to use the Car a little bit long time, be sure to use the right approach to maintenance.