After the car maintenance, reduces fuel consumption feeling, you do not get too excited!

our friends to buy a family Car fuel consumption of general interest, purchase a variety of search in the beginning, compare, query, and finally start to buy, buy back, and always pay attention to the average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption, at the same time, there have to go to Money, gas station every month.

all information on fuel consumption are more sensitive, for example, we more or less have heard of “new Car fuel consumption rate during operation, such as the first a maintenance, Automobile fuel consumption can be further reduced a little, “and so on. After the first maintenance, fuel consumption Will really drop it? How much can you drop?

ThIs Is the first project of maintenance of our Cars say open. Basically, the first maintenance procedures Most of our vehicles Is change the oil and oil filter device, such as checking tire pressure as well as wear and tear, put the screws to step up and so on. Most of the processes and procedures need not be adjusted. Replacement of oil thIs change really affect fuel consumption?

In fact, the lubricant plays a role in terms of Automobile engine lubrication. The first maintenance Is usually Carried out within three months or 5000 km. Operation of the engine Will produce metallic iron impurities and ground, these fragments Will be released and replaced by gasoline. Therefore, from thIs perspective, if the new machine and engine oil filter Is changed, the positive effect of lubricating the engine Will be improved, but how much it can increase it? Really obvious?

In fact, although we now have a lot of new Automotive engine manufacturing technology and precIsion, even domestic Automobile, domestic produce their own engines there had been substantial progress, but the first maintenance of oil still contains many impurities and metal fragments. Therefore, after the first oil change and maintenance, the loss of large amounts of impurities and metal scrap, lubrication performance Is improved, fuel consumption has some effect on reducing.

Thus, after replacing the oil, a large amount of impurities and metal scrap loss, the lubrication performance becomes better, have some oil for reducinguse.

In addition, we have some friends made the first maintenance, 4S shop technician would suggest that we spend 100 yuan plus a bottle of anti-wear agents, sliding down in the original oily, further enhanced abrasion resIstance, in fact, played a role to a certain extent. However, thIs does not really affect the mechanical increase in fuel consumption. If you say you can clearly feel the Car you consumed an oil and two oil, which Is a bit unrealIstic.

In fact, the greatest impact on fuel consumption Is our personal driving habits. In general, we buy a new Car Most beginners start driving. They just started driving, they are not very good at depth, clutch, throttle and shift time, such as frequent low-speed and high-speed driving. Of course, during the operation of the fuel consumption Will be high.