After the car maintenance, fuel consumption has increased by a lot of it Why? Old Driver: To understand these

In today’s society people are buying more and more Cars, although after buying the Car, people travel more convenient, but we also pay attention to maintenance of the Car at the usual time, the main maintenance of the Car Is good, then we Will be more while driving Is safer, but also can extend the life of the Car to a certain extent. In buying a Car after the owners use for some time while driving the Car it Is also open to the 4s shop Will be open or some garages to Carry out maintenance, although maintenance of the Car Is very good for the Car but there are a lot of Car owners find themselves in after the fuel consumption and maintenance also Will continue to rIse, then the Car after maintenance, fuel consumption rIses Why would a lot of it? Old Driver: To understand these.

at the time to Carry out maintenance of the Car, there Is a very basic maintenance projects that oil change, I believe we are also maintained for thIs one very understanding, but when we change the oil of choice for oil Is also particularly important, different brands of oil used in Automobile engines also Will be different, so that when we change the oil also according to their Cars to be selected. And oil Is also not the more expensive the better, because some of the Car’s engine used when using oil Is a semi-synthetic motor oil on it, if you must choose those fully synthetic oil, it Is not only bad for the Car, most likely when driving also increases wind resIstance, so fuel consumption Will rIse.

and during oil changes when adding two oil Is required to meet the standard, do not add too much, if too much oil, then , you are also overwhelm the composition, so that we Will increase the resIstance of the Car while driving a lot, and if the resIstance Is increased, then there are wild good Will rIse, so when replacing the oil and do not blindly add, add the appropriate amount of it.

but also in the maintenance of a Car, there Is a very important maintenance, that Is a spark plug, and under normal circumstances the life of spark plug are also Is 3 to 50,000 km, but the quality of the spark plugs are also differentThe use of some of the spark plug Is able to reach 10 to 15 million kilometers, and if the mileage achieved, we also need to replace the spark plug, but in time to replace the spark plug also need to pay attention, because some Auto repair staff practices different, it Is also likely to occur in case of leakage when installing a spark plug, and thIs engine Will become weak, unstable idle, and thIs Will also lead to increased fuel consumption, so that if fuel consumption rIse too found also you can go to check the spark plug Is not installed.

then the Car after maintenance, you have not found a good increase of it? If after maintenance for good and adds, you have to understand there are other words, the message also welcome to share Oh.